Parenting and the Internet: the smarter, missing third way

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The only thing I would add to the conversation is that children do not always want to have something to do with their parents…and that’s OK.


The abstinence metaphor is so apt. Hasn’t worked out so well stopping teen sexuality, why would we expect better results stopping curiousity? It might actually be the stronger drive.


What a great suggestion. There’s so much fantastic children’s material online, such as ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ – – heheh, I can only imagine how this would warp their minds…

As the Simpsons taught us, if you’re not exposed to this stuff, how will you ever become desensitised to it?


Sounds kinda Brady Bunch-y.

This excerpt seems to have it completely backwards; i.e. David Cameron et al. are promising network engineers to organs who do like underfunded Chinese political diversity, China is earning equity from exports in kind of age-agnostic edutainment, and UK networks state shadow deprecation divisions are making musical ah…fiberglass enemas. Well, maybe those were on the campaign trail rather than as-built. It gels nicely on the Guardian site.

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