Parking-ticket bot will now help homeless people get benefits

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We could use that in San Francisco, unemployed in the dot com crash, my family was never able to get more than WIC (food aid for pregnant women and small children, also a subsidy to supermarkets (WIC eligible stuff is never on sale, go have a look at the eggs at Safeway)) and pregnancy only medical coverage. In theory, we should have been able to get food stamps and cash aid, but we could never navigate the process. Other counties varied (we moved around a bit), but were doable, San Francisco, was just impossible.

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Tories have made things easier than they’ve ever been for landlords

Really? You mean by removing mortgage relief for top rate tax paying landlords, and introducing a special extra stamp duty for 2nd homes? In other words, the opposite of what your claiming. But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

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