500,000 to 1M unemployed Americans will lose food aid next month

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One thing is clear: news like this makes Sanders angry. Mrs. Clinton? Just a shrug, at best.


One thing is clear: Bernie’s astroturf game is strong

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Where have you spotted astroturfers? Do tell? We’re like 'turf spotters around here.


I even reflexively checked music_ismath’s registration date!


Are you calling @milliefink an astroturfer… cause, yeah, no.



Even if it would be cheaper to just give people the benefits, and it would, our protestant morality makes it politically untenable, and instead, we have to pay extra to hire bureaucrats to make them suffer more.


This will kill people. Keep voting for masters or choose some fucking anarchy and be your own.
PS guaranteed income works and is cheaper than the welfare systems in place now. But you will get World war 3 before you get everyone fed. Enjoy #capitalism


It won’t just kill poor people by starving them to death; it will kill fully-employed people when the starving people turn to crime.


Hey, if they steal something, at least they worked for it!

(probably obligatory: /s)


Oh, and I forgot to add that jailing (and feeding!) all those newly-minted criminals will cost a hell of a lot more than food stamps ever did. But, given private prisons, maybe that’s the point.


Anything to demonize the poor, especially the dark ones, and keep them and the middle classes from seeing their commonality against the real enemy upstairs (or as some prefer, behind the curtain).


This is not really a direct reply to your comment, but I do find it interesting that the men in the lead photo are mostly white, but integrated. I count five or six black guys among them. At a mob-run soup kitchen in 1931! Maybe because it was run by Capone, and the white guys knew better than to start any shit outside his place?

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And like any politician, a positive spin if it happens during her administration.

“Workaholics Anonymous: Over half a million cured!”

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“lalalala I can’t hear you because you’re starving to death out of sight”?

So…in somewhat related news, I wonder what caused all of those states/people talking secession to quietly stop?

And if there was indeed some force behind this…lull in the conversation,
why won’t that (potentially alphabetized) force correct issues such as these?

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I always thought this stuff was supposed to be tied to agricultural subsidy.

All I know is I work two jobs and after student loan debt I have to visit the food bank twice a month, and I qualify for so little federal food aid it’s not worth the hassle of the process to get it.


Are there no banks and guns to rob them with?

those lousy moochers want to eat and feed their families…
if we give them food where will it end, before you know it they’ll be wanting water and air as well.


(when will we as humanity agree on a basic level of minimum standards to take care of our fellow humans, no matter what their background or current situation?)


In every one of our non-war “wars” - poverty, drugs, terrorism - there are lots of warriors who hang onto their rice bowls with death grips. They have learned well that there is much more career opportunity in prolonging the problem than there is in solving it.