Oklahoma GOP compares welfare recipients to national park animals

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WTF is wrong with these people?


The frightening part is how many poor Oklahomans will vote Republican because they think the GOP is talking about someone else.


Poor people = animals. Yep, that sounds about right…


It’s not a perfect metaphor. After all, you’re not allowed to shoot the animals that live in National Parks.


Irony indeed - the ones claiming poor people are animals are proving themselves inhuman.


And you thought the Texas GOP was bad enough.

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It’s not a good idea to feed wild animals in the wilderness. But you damn well better feed the ones locked in your zoo.


We need to give the poor their dignity by restoring their right to starve if they don’t settle for job that pays $1.00/hour which would be considered an extravagant wage in most parts of the world.


I know this would never work because of so many practical issues, but I do wish money from SNAP and other supplementary food programs could be made to CSAs (local farms that deliver locally grown food). Around here a share of a CSA is ~$500 a year or so, and in OR last about five or six months.

Keep money local, support the local community, and ideally increase nutrition. But that all sounds like communism and inducement. :smile:


Okay, I don’t want to threadjack this to a discussion solely about CSAs, but it occurred to me one of the big challenges is introducing people to new thing–if you are used to Spaghetti, do you know what to expect from Spaghetti squash? What’s a kholrabi?

So could a CSA package a few more recognizable things? My first thought was refridgerated pizza dough and frozen tomato sauce. Want a pizza? Roll out the dough, add sauce and cheese, done!

I’m probably too ambitious, but I see all this SNAP money going to multinationals, and it doesn’t make me happy. So it means as of right now if your farm/bakery/butcher shop isn’t supplying a mega mart, you miss a $46 billion dollar market.


On Imgur, someone posted an (unverified) awesome response!


Right on. If there are two programs that should be expanded its section 8 and snap. Guess what happens when you decrease stress regarding food and shelter? They are more productive.

And anyone that denigrates someone who is on a program should literally be sentenced to a month in those shoes.


Well, you could always join the local constabulary for that.

Haven’t heard any projects to connect SNAP to CSAs, but I have read about farmer’s markets that accept EBT cards.


I’m a weirdo, so take this with a lump of salt.

The best thing about a CSA is, “what do I do with raddicio, and what is it? Wait, why don’t Jerusalem artichokes look like artichokes!?”.

I am probably too radical, but I would love to teach the world to make Random Minestrone Soup with Sourdough.


Increasingly farmer’s markets accept SNAP and other forms of public assistance, and there are a growing number of programs that look quite a bit like CSAs offered as additional benefits or part of welfare support. At least here in the Northeast. The goal being to find a more cost effective way to get fresh foods to people on public assistance.

It’s not working out as expected. Logistically it’s pretty difficult to apply the CSA type model on the large scale. And getting hundreds to thousands of small farms and businesses that typically don’t even accept credit/debit to accept benefit cards is difficult.

But the biggest holdup currently is that recipients do not want to participate. While it gives them better access to fresh food (sometimes) that fresh food is frequently more expensive than it would be in regular stores. And your talking about an group that already avoids those due to (in part) it’s cost. Eating in poverty is all about getting the most calories per dollar. “Stretch or starve” as my grandfather always used to say. McDonald’s gives you more calories for a buck than kale.


The main reason you don’t give food to wild animals is not because they “grow dependent and won’t be able to fend for themselves” but because they learn to associate “people” with “food”; and that’s how you get mauled to death by a bear. DO YOU WANT BEARS, LANA?! CUZ THATS HOW YOU GET BEARS!


I have no arguments to the contrary. In fact, while it was rather opaque, that is what I was referring to by ‘inducement’, you almost have to make people take it. Inexpensive sugar, starch, salt, and delicious fat make slinging beets a tough task.

It is very much a:

  1. Local farmers grow nutritious food
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Problem at this point. But in the mean time I will sling my pickles, sauces, and produce on anyone willing to take it.


Damn, why does everyone here always pick on Republicans?! They’re people too, ya know. At least, I think they are?


Q: So. . . if I shoot a welfare recipient, is that considered “poaching”?

A: Yes, leave that job to the police.