Farm bill will deny food assistance to 100,000 formerly incarcerated individuals


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It’s just the poors… not like the GOP cares about them.


Maybe someone could illustrate the idiocy of this policy by writing a popular book/Broadway musical about a protagonist who is forced into a life of crime after stealing a loaf of bread out of desperation.


And since African Americans are incarcerated at six times the rate of whites, and Hispanics at twice the rate of whites, guess who will be disproportionately affected by this bill.

I wonder why we need to save $240,000,000? You don’t suppose that the massive benefits we’re all expecting from the GOP tax cut are turning out to be less than advertised? No, can’t be that… probably just another tactical strike in the GOP war on people who don’t look like Paul Ryan.




Evil has a remarkable work ethic. Always grinding, grinding . . .


A lot of people commit crime out of desperation. This seems like it will increase recidivism, besides just being a dick move.

Everyone deserves to eat!


Aww, look at little Donny trying to do his own miniature version of the Holodomor and trying to make his Uncle Vovik proud of him.



But, what title could they use for such a miserable situation?


American title:

Miserable A/F.”



(of you’re point, not the dick move, in case that wasn’t clear)


Me i’m wondering whether this is an attempt to fill up more private prisons. Scratch the policies of the GOP and there is usually SOMEBODY making money off of them.


Obviously the right people are being very well taken care of by the prison profiteers.


I think this is what’s going on with the border detentions too.

You take people that were going to come and work for low wages, and possibly pay taxes - in either case basically sacrificing themselves for the benefit of US citizens.

When you imprison them - you wind up having to pay I’m guessing >$20k a year just to detain them, and the tax payers have to foot the bill.

This only makes sense for the private prisons, everyone else immigrants / businesses / tax-payer gets screwed.


It’s as if the GOP is deliberately trying to keep the recidivism rate high.


Is the goal to make them too weak from hunger to be able to hold a weapon? Or will cops be supplied with Big Macs instead of tasers?

“Stop! And I’ll give you a little bit of nutrition! Don’t make me break out the Taco Bell!”


You say recidivism. We say same-store sales.


No, everyone needs to eat, that’s why it’s right down the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy. People will eat, one way or another.

I wonder when your republicans will just cut out the middleman - efficiency! free market! - and just turn the ‘Exit’ from prisons into a revolving door. I mean, there’s really no point in releasing folks at all when you’ve deliberately set the system up so they’ll be back in short order anyway. At least that would be more honest.


I’ve long been predicting that hunger will be the factor that finally tips the scale causing the thin veneer of our civilization to slip completely into chaos.

"A hungry mob is an angry mob."
~Bob Marley