Bill O'Reilly: Slaves who built White House were "well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government"


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Cattle are well-fed and have decent lodgings provided by the farmer.

Needless to say, there are other things at steak here.


The words that come out of that man’s mouth are less likely to be useful than the words of a random toddler.



Why is he still allowed to talk in public?


Apparently slavery was so great that it had to be abolished before all the white people volunteered to switch places with the slaves.


So. . . slavery isn’t so bad? When conservatives equate Obamacare with slavery they’re saying it’s. . . not so bad?

Do I have this right?

Do these idiots ever consider the implications of their nonsense?


No no no no no. That’s just the White House building slaves. The rest of the slaves had it hard, like, Obamacare hard.


You know, I would be inclined to ask O’Reilly how he knows this. Has he researched it? I wouldn’t demand graduate-level work, but chain letters don’t count. It’s not possible he’s just running his mouth, is it?


Because no one has surgically removed his vocal cords yet?


How does this joke still have a damn job?


is it too late for this?

this gif should not be this useful, but I guess I have to remind myself it is the inertnet.




And we know how the slave owners treated their chattel…


Video not available for some reason, and goddamn it too, because I love K&P.


“Slavery wasn’t so bad” is a common kind of dog-whistling among right-wing racists like O’Reilly.

“Oh, they gave you food and shelter! Something not everyone of that time had, don’tchaknow!”

If Trump wins the election, I imagine someone is going to float the idea of indentured servitude for debtors or criminals or something, because it’s “better than Welfare!”


May have seen this on BB but not sure … This is great stuff.


Best f*#%in slave quarters on the PlaHEnet oh yeaaaaaaaarrrrrrr


It was such a sweet deal that he dreams of his children one day being slaves.

Christ, what an asshole!


Apparently O’Reilly hasn’t gotten the memo that dog whistles are no longer necessary…