Bill O’Reilly points finger at “God” after accusations of sexual harassment


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Jeez, that’s even worse than “the devil made me do it!”


I cannot think of a topic less interesting to me than Bill O’Reilly’s thoughts on the divine.



Normally theodicy is a sort of one-sided problem. Crushingly so; but still.

Now we have a situation where Bill O’Reilly is upset at god over how hard he is being on Bill O’Reilly; and everyone else has reason to be upset over how easy he is being on him.

Wriggle out of that, Pangloss!




Well, it’s not like he had a conscious choice, or any control over his own behavior, or anything…


I wish I knew the Bible better to suggest a passage for O’Reilly to read for him to realize he’s pointing his finger at the wrong person.


Seriously, fuck this guy.

When’s he gonna fuck off and die, already?


I’m an atheist, yet I’m fairly certain that’s not how Christianity is supposed to work.


But God - blessed are the loofah makers?


If I had to guess, he’s probably thinking he’s Job - a righteous man to whom god has allowed terrible things to happen just for shits and giggles (paraphrasing here). He’s more of a Pharisee pretending to be righteous and who would get kicked out of the temple by non-supply side Jesus for his grandstanding and abuse of his power. He’s also wealthy enough that if I believed in god, I’d be fairly certain he isn’t getting into heaven since he already has his reward on earth.


Scumbag status achieved, again.


I had to look that one up:


Coincidentally, I too blame God for Bill O’Reilly.


Face it, you can blame god for just about everything.

As Roger Waters put it, “what god wants, god gets.”

You may as well say “I blame reality for not being like I want it.”


It’s the Republican Party slogan.


oh boy. yeah, the ending really knocks your socks off.

vader is luke’s father.


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If only his mother loved him more.


Judas killed the younglings for 30 kyber crystals.


It probably promotes the “Magic Spear” theory of the assassination.