Fox News to cut ties with Bill O’Reilly


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So, is the lesson that you can grab people by their pussy for 15 years until they start suing and end up costing your corporation million of dollars?


I guess Bill O’Reilly is running for President!


Fox was happy to pay off the plaintiffs, as long as they kept it all a secret.
Presumably it is the mass exodus of advertisers that is the problem.
However, O’Rielly’s ratings went up after the story broke. Which raises the question - are fox viewers so hateful that they decided if the “mainstream” press is pillorying him, that makes him worth paying attention to? Really, what the hell is going on?


Adios Mofo!


Any guesses where he lands?

Satellite radio? The White House? Breitbart? Weekly world news?


Okay okay, the details… If it starts to cost more than 15 million.

Um. Yeah. This is pretty much nail on the head material here. If the “Librul media” is railing on someone, then they become a bit of a cause celebre. (note that I took the high road, and didn’t say “Illuminati Jew-run media”…). The new right is pretty much defined by having an enemy or a policy to hate. I’ll cite: “Not born with a vagina, but identify as a woman? You must be a closet sexual assailant or pedophile if you want to use the women’s bathroom.”


This rat isn’t enough of a reactionary for today’s low-info viewer anyway…


Spewing HOT TAEKS on right-wing talk radio is the last refuge of a scoundrel. So I’d bet dollars to donuts O’Reilly lands on his feet with a syndicated talk show where he can preach to his wingnutty choir.


Rex T had better be looking over his shoulder, because O’Reilly is a natural for the job in Trump’s “administration”. He’s been a statesman without a state for too damned long. Time to give back, Bill.


He can’t. He’s too busy making his presidential run.



Private internet radio feed/video stream with all the others


One of those “rogue White House staff” Twitter-feeds claims that Trump wants to get O’Reilly to replace his flailing press secretary Spicer. Probably not true, but crazy enough to be…


Ailes. O’Reilly. It’s assholes all the way down.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer shitbag.


Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but the viewers may be tuning in to see if he addresses the scandals on air.

As for ratings, it doesn’t matter how high they go if nobody wants to buy ad spots on principle (or “principle.”) IIRC Glenn Beck’s exodus to satellite radio wasn’t spurred by low ratings, but the fact that the only advertisers that wanted to be associated with his show were various gold scams and a walk-in tub manufacturer.

I understand that old people can have a hard time getting into a regular tub, but don’t they have to sit in those walk-in ones for a pretty long time while they fill up and drain? Sounds uncomfortable. There must be a better way!


[quote=“JamesBean, post:4, topic:99222”]Really, what the hell is going on?[/quote]There’s got to be some shenanigans behind the scenes. It’s hard to believe all this carried on for so long and that his number is only coming up now. Somehow something with Trump came up and he decided that he wasn’t going to play ball, I bet.


That’s how “Profit-maximizing neutral evil” rolls, isn’t it?


Clearly. This is America.