Fox News dumps Bill O'Reilly. He is officially out


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I can’t help but enjoy the inevitable Schadenfreude that’s going to arise from watching the inevitable feud with fox that will arise over this.


Ding dong, the witch is dead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too soon :grey_question: :blush:


My schadenfreude proved short-lived upon finding out that Tucker Carlson is filling the vacuum. Nature (and Fox) may abhor a vacuum but I abhor Carlson.

Here’s hoping he (someday, probably under the duress of low ratings) invites Jon Stewart to his prime time shitshow.


Screw that guy. I happen to like bow ties.


Since Fox so readily replaced their top rated host, Megyn Kelly, with the odious Tucker Carlson, I’m apprehensive about the devil we don’t yet know who’ll replace O’Reilly.


Pulling this tweet from the BB round-up:

Quick oblique mention of the reason why they got rid of him, followed by a glowing summary of his popularity and success, as well as the “talent” of Fox’s cast. Only then do we get to the “btw we know it took 2 decades to ditch this asshole but we’re committed to your safety in the workplace” throw-away at the end. Nice. :rolling_eyes:



Those Long Knives aren’t quite as pleasant when they’re buried in your back, are they Falafel? And McCarthyite witch hunts aren’t looking as attractive to you as they did mere months ago.

Well, it’s off to daytime talk radio and a Wordpress site for you, boyo. Off you go, and don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.


Papa Bear is going on a bender…


So they’ve got an opening for an angry white guy? I wonder if they could get Olbermann?


Meh - he should just retire at this point. I imagine a job where you need to be outraged all the time is soul sucking after awhile.


well, carlson stopped wearing bowties, right?
so we’re safe!


That would be, you guessed it: Tucker Carlson.


It was apparently a New York Times investigation that revealed how Fox had spent $13 million trying to cover this behavior up over the years.

Yay for real journalism!


And it cost them an additional $35 million.

Oh and 21rst Cent Fox stock just dropped .55%


Oh no, where ever shall I find out about things like the lesbian gang epidemic sweeping the nation?


You may be giving Mr. O’Reilly too much credit there…


Crap! And I just renewed for two more years. NOW what?


Capital P dangit
I like WordPress… :slight_smile: