Fox News in free-fall as Bill Shine resigns, after many women's sexual harassment claims finally taken seriously


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Fox News in free-fall

Oh, how I wish that were true!


Looks like this barrel is all bad apples.


Right? They can wipe their ass, but more turds are always on the way.

Maybe something is wrong with the barrel.


I’d say it’s the tree from which the apples came that’s the problem.


To make a rotten apple pie from scratch, you must first invent alternative facts, to very loosely paraphrase the great Carl Sagan.


“Here’s an idea. Believe women.”


Begs the question: Can you build a conservative news network with anchors that properly represent that perspective, without having them constantly sexually harassing the female staff?

We are gonna find out!


It’s almost as if, when you fail to remove one bad apple from the barrel, it leads to the whole bunch being spoiled!

If only someone could come up with a pithy saying that expresses this sentiment.



Rupert Murdoch will fund, through an elaborate and untraceable chain of shell corporations, a Fox News Alumni channel.

A place where all of the “victims” of the harasser-ocaust can commiserate about the injustice they’ve personally suffered at the hands of the liberal elite social order, and continue their hate-mongering to their target audience for ratings gold.


If we’re using conservative in the sense that Fox News and their base do, then no, because sexism, like racism, is part and parcel of their entire world view. If we’re using conservative in the general sense, the sure, but Fox News will never be that. Their “conservatism” is an incidental vehicle for their essential bigoted hatred and fear.



I love Trevor, but man do I miss that guy.


Powerful scumbags like Ailes always have toadies like Shine who enable their awful behaviour. Once things get rough, those same toadies are always thrown under the bus. Not that the other toadies out there are ever capable of learning that lesson.


“Thrown under the bus” often means that your connections land you a plum position that most of us could only dream of (e.g., sit on this board for a few hundred grand a year, you don’t actually have do anything). The part where they are sacrificed is just for show. Once you are an insider you a fine.


Very true. That’s what I call the “glass floor” effect: at a certain point, powerful people get so invested in a shady character that he won’t be allowed to fail despite serial screw-ups or criminal behaviour. Jonah Lehrer comes to mind, as does Ja Rule’s partner in the Fyre Festival scam.

Still, I’m sure Shine was at least a little taken aback that he was forced to resign. Guys like this always think the party will go on forever and get resentful when they’re kicked out, even if they land on their feet.


You mean conservative Fox News is run by misogynist douche bags? I’m shocked.

well you know, not that shocked.


Sean Hannity has a sad. :disappointed_relieved:



Can’t like that.

The original, despite having a religious bent that I no longer share, is still too pretty a song for me to appreciate it being twisted like that.

Plus, the meter has been weirded.