Fox News apologizes after inviting on British celebrity racists to call for mass imprisonment of Muslims


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Christ, what Trumpholes!


Foxpology Translation: Our British guests got ahead of us by eighteen months.


Fox news apologizes for not checking that their guests were all up to date on the proper dog whistle code words and were too direct about it.


It would appear that the answer to the question, “Do the people on Fox News have no shame?” is, surprisingly, yes, they do, sort of, maybe. But they are ashamed that they still have a tiny speck of humanity in them, so they mostly lock it away deep inside a lead lined iron casket in the depths of the icy clockwork thing they use as a heart.


whats wrong with just saying good on them? They did the right thing, and I would argue that it was more effective to have those guests state their shit and denounce them than to just keep it buried, especially for Fox’s right wing audience.


I think you’ve overplayed the dehumanizing mouths-for-eyes photoshop trick.

Unless, you know, you’re intent is to actually dehumanize your enemies, for typical historical reasons.


You know, the first few times I saw that mouths-as-eyes shoop I thought it was clever…


Photoshop cannot dehumanize these two more than they have done themselves.


lol, nice try


It’s a bit redundant.


I keep trying and failing to find that Geraldo/Donahue/Jerry Springer(?) clip from the 90s where the host is ridiculing some neo-nazi and the neo-nazi is like “you can make fun of me all you like, but you have an audience of 10 million people, and one percent of them agrees with me, and I came on here to talk to them”.

The test for Fox News is not “does their corporate mission statement endorse concentration camps?”; it’s “when I turn on Fox News, will I, or will I not, see someone endorsing concentration camps?”


I gotta say, with this one, it’s amazing how much Nigel Farange looks like himself in that pic.


@comedian and @Yri
all you are doing is encouraging @beschizza to do more of that kind of photoshop editing in the future.


Is it too much to hope he’d try using noses instead? Or maybe googly eyes; everything’s better with googly eyes…


I don’t give plaudits to bullies for the occasional pulled punch.


I can get behind you on that. We just have to agree that going forward, if Fox News decides to denounce a racist, speak out against misogynist, or promote any progressive agenda we make sure to attack and mock them for it. This way, we can make sure Fox is has reason to continue attacking the left as unreasonable and unwilling to find common ground. We can supply them with all the ammo they need.


I suggest you read @bobtato’s post. The issue isn’t that they apologized for what Farage & Hopkins said, the issue is that they were invited on to begin with when Fox News knew the kind of shit they were going to say. You’re inviting someone onto your political program when you know their political views, letting them espouse these views, and then going “But yeah, totally don’t do those things.”


Yeah, I’m pretty seriously sick of it.


Seems to me to be calculated. They invited the guests knowing what they’d say, of course they’d denounce it but it was more to get people talking about the network. Any publicity is good publicity, and here we are talking about Fox.