Fox anchor wonders how we can identify bad guys if we don't know their skin color


WTF is “bad”? Depends what you like!

Well, DUH!

Clearly, they are the ones wearing all black and twirling the end of their well waxed mustaches while laughing maniacally! (Having tied you to the train tressle…)

I can go on but then I may have to work for FOX “News”. (“News”. Is that like “Reality TV”?)


Does she mean a white man in the prime of his life wearing a black cowboy hat? Or Snidely Whiplash?

edited because apparently Bream is a female racist rather than a male one.


Waiting for the other shoe to drop, when she says she apologizes if anyone was offended because they just don’t care about the threat to our security.


They might be on to something, we need to get a committee together to set up a color wheel of evil. Give us a set of pantone swatches that we can use to identify good people and bad people, and people in between.

Then once a person does something bad, we just paint them the appropriate color. We’ll have to paint the good people too so we know they’re good.

Tattoos might be too permanent, but could be used for people who have been judged irredeemably bad. The rest of us get watercolors.


If this were Oklahoma I could never say this… But in France, the bad guys are the ones with the GUNS.


“the bad guys are the ones with the GUNS.”

I don’t know. France has 31 guns per 100 people, which ties them with Denmark, Sweden and Canada. They’re nowhere near the USA with 90, but they’re no Israel, with 9.

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Anybody who thinks that the world is divided between “good guys” and “bad guys” probably flunked pre-school.


Christ, what an assfoxhole :exclamation:


The world isn’t black and white- like Fox News seems to imagine.
We seem to be hearing an increasing amount of stupidity from Fox News anchors over this side of the Atlantic recently- if they are so bigoted and ignorant- how the hell do they get away with it? Some of the ridiculous things they’re coming out with are cringeworthy.


Ratings. No news (or “news” in this case) source ever went bankrupt telling people what they want to hear.


We’re a generation of people raised by news. I’m wondering if another news is really the answer we need.


It sounds like you disagree?

I mean, you could take my comment out of the context of the news report all day long.

Cranking liberals is a conservative pastime? Goes at least as far back as Pilate.

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Why can’t we have both?


It is, according to far right evangelical Christians. They believe there is a for real spiritual war going on here and now and that anything that does not glorify God glorifies the Devil instead – no middle ground, no shades of grey, everything either good or bad, black or white.

When you want to start a war that’s how you do it: polarize your view and the opposite view, making them opposite and say to everyone that you are either with us or against us.

You would be surprised how many people believe this – people you work with, people you know, people you are standing in line next to at the grocery store, sitting next to at the theater. And they are not your stereo-typical fringe image of a religious fanatic, they are the upstanding religious folk who feel they are the few who are doing what is right for country and God, paying their taxes, running their business, being good bosses and employees, upstanding citizens.


Kind of funny how fuzzy logic mixed with pseudo-religion can turn people into monsters! Good folks one and all!

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Those poor French. Since the massacre I have seen video of hundreds of police officers carrying lots of guns.

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