White, right-wing terrorist busted...and hardly a peep




If this guy’s arrest was widely publicized, Fox News and right-wing talk readio would turn him into a “freedom fighter.”


That is because American news outlets respect the idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law – they would never inflate a simple arrest into a media circus trial…


And right up the road from my house! I am so prou… er… um… well, yeah.

(For what it’s worth, I haven’t seen anything on the local Houston metro media, either.)


He was arrested after meeting with three undercover FBI agents who were pretending to be interested in helping him rob an armored car, and providing him with C-4 explosives.

That sounds like pretty much every other “terrorist” arrest actually. Except the normal procedure is to have the undercover agents suggest blowing stuff up in the first place. The way this is reported, it sounds like he came up with that idea on his own.


Nothing says “kill all Muslims” like robbing armored cars…

That tidbit from his Facebook page makes him sound like he wants to return the country to the Articles of the Confederacy.

The article makes him sound less like a right wing terrorist and more like a shithead that also happened to be racist in that wonderful shithead way. He’s also clearly a genius by posting his intentions to commit crimes and details about how he wants to commit those crimes on Facebook.


Keep in mind that when the California State Senator Yee was arrested with connections to organized crime, including illegal weapons trafficking, not a peep on CNN’s web site. Feel free to try the search yourself if you don’t believe me.


Yeah, I heard about Yee on The Daily Show. Even they missed Talbot.


A lot of the plots that are cultivated into something like a convictable offense by the FBI are similarly non-newsworthy when Muslims are involved. No one remembers Rezwan Ferdaus. Generally there needs to be actual bloodshed in order for a lot of media coverage to result…


They busted a “training compound” full of these guys about 10 minutes from my house and first I was shocked and applauded the arrest then I realized the FBI is now setting up white supremacist groups the same way they have been setting up Muslim Fundamentalists. Many of these stories are totally ignored by the media including ones busting “terrorists.”



Attempted Terrorism? Now honestly, did they ever give anyone a Nobel prize for “attempted chemistry”?


I think the old expression “don’t shit where you eat” applies here, this is texas after all… We wouldn’t want the “good natured” christian fundamentalists to get their panties in a bunch, people might think they also believe in an “us vs. them” mentality!

Pro Tip: In a closed system, religious zealotry only happens when it happens TO you.


you forgot the citation!


No wonder it’s not news. He looks just like everyone else.


What did Obama get his one for? “Attempting not to be George W Bush”?



If an asteroid collided with the moon and sent chunks flying toward Chicago CNN might put the news in a crawl undernearth their 24/7 Flight MH370 coverage.

I read about Yee in the local paper and heard about him on NPR when the story broke.


Same thing happened in Michigan where they ended up having to drop most of the charges.


right-wing talk radio

Oh, just call that festering infection by name, Clear Channel.


Wow, there are so many of these now, you have to wonder which ones are part of the regular six-week cycle! ITM everyone! And thank you for your courage.


If this were to become a full-blown branded terror-watch segment on a mainstream news station, the response from right-wing media would be to complain that the liberal media only cares when it’s a white christian, and had he been a Muslim, they would have played it down. They have a projected answer for everything.