Judge is unsure that Christian terrorist who made elaborate plans to kill US Muslims is a threat


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this is so wrong i don’t even know what to think about this. that’s just batshit crazy.


judge curtis collier, appointed by bill clinton.



Srsly once you’ve committed as far as buying munitions and explaining who/why your targets are in order to enlist more support… you a terrorist

edit - the deluded dude scribbling on the cover of his day planner is the deluded dude who intended to kill, not the deluded judge, I realize now


Well, we can be reasonably sure that the Judge is a threat, then.


Holy fucking shit, what a maniac! The Christ’apo at work, it’s just that crazy!


Yeah. Pretty sure this guy should be locked up. Then again he is wearing a suit… I am so confused.

Also, per article, highly unlikely he had “M-4 military assault rifle, armor-piercing ammunition”. Most likely a regular AR-15 and M855 bullets, which have better penetration than M193 ball ammo, but not true armor piercing. Though any rifle bullet will go through regular bullet proof vests.


And how many Muslims going on with their daily lives in Pennsylvania wear any type of bulletproof vest to work or school?


Only if your goal was to make other people afraid, rather than simply getting your targets to die.


That’s the difference between a terrorist and a murderist, isn’t it? One’s goal is terror (beyond the target), one’s goal is murder (limited to the target).


At first I thought “Hahaha, silly Onion article again”, but then I clicked.

What the Fuck America?


yeah, unfortunately i’ve given up on that word. the politicians and media have used it so often to further any and every agenda imaginable that it pretty much means anything these days.

ie. “those universal health care terrorists making sure that the poor have health coverage.”


There was a a recent court decision on the nature of True Threats

It was decided after the plea agreement. So it would be wise to at least delay for proper consideration, any legal decisions that hinge on the proper definition of “true threat”, as there’s a risk that the will be overturned on appeal. I would hope that this is simply a case of dotting ones Is and crossing ones Ts.


there is no such thing as white christian privilege in the USA…um yeah right!


If by “white christian”, you mean “Nazi Fuckhead”, I would hope that there’s not.


Please don’t associate the entire country with this unprincipled sociopathic cretin when the majority of us are simply non-cretin principled sociopaths.


Closet Homophile.


I am christian. Raised Baptist, and cling dearly to the whole 'reach out and help others’ aspect of faith. More and more often though I see fuckheaded sociopaths just shitting everywhere.

In a democracy the buck stops with the voter. So on behalf of the not violently insane people of the united states that don’t think hunting down brown people/muslims is an acceptable sport.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to stop this nonsense.


This is what happens when a prophet’s message for humanity is hijacked.


Killing part of a population is a great way to make the rest of that population afraid for their lives. So yes, this is terrorism.