Police say the Austin bomber killed himself as they closed in on him


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White Man Bomber? Not a domestic terrorist? WTF!



A coward to the end.


Would be nice if BoingBoing would use the ‘t’ word to describe a …(wait for it) terrorist!


White American terrorism; it’s a real thing.

I can only hope the guy really was “acting alone.”


Of course not… he is a troubled lone wolf… :roll_eyes:


Right? “Austin bomber” is immediately recognizable to many readers, but it could just as easily say something like “Austin bomber/terrorist.”


Was the guy that claimed he was the bomber on Reddit shown to be a hoaxer?


I hope all these lone wolves never get together.


This article has a couple of innacuracies.

  1. Six bombs went off this month, not four.
  2. Police found the bomber at a motel, not at his home.
  3. The bomber detonated a device in his car as SWAT approached (injuring 1 officer)


Cory, pls. Get your facts straight.

  • Sunday’s bombing took place in a predominately white neighborhood and injured two white people.
  • The guy was at a roadside in his car when he was confronted, and shot at, by police.

(Reuters, Vox)


5 bombs went off on-site or in transit. 1 failed to detonate at FedEx and was given to the Feds. 1 explosion at Goodwill was thought to be a bomb, but turned out to be unrelated: some jackass accidentally left an artillery simulator – basically a big noisemaker – in a box of donations, and an employee set it off while trying to throw it away. And of course, he detonated a bomb in his car rather than be captured.

So 6 in total if you count the one in his car and not the incident at Goodwill.

Edit: correction, I’m mis-counting. You are correct, it’s 6. edited above.

I feel like the final scene of Clue: “one plus two plus one plus two, minus one…” and then a false alarm then the car


They’ve quite literally redefined “terrorism” to only mean violence by Muslims. I’m not even kidding here - there’s distinctions made between international and domestic terrorism, and they’ve clearly expunged “domestic terrorism” from the overall definition, so it’s only international groups. But, in terms of acts perpetrated in the US, it’s just individuals associating themselves (or being associated by others) with Al Qaeda, ISIS or affiliated groups. Therefore “all” terrorism is now Islamic terrorism.
Which is a neat trick, as it eliminates most terrorism in the US from any conversations about it.

We’ll not talk about who “radicalized him.”


Thank you!


Well, at least he won’t be doing that any more. :confused: Austin is usually a pretty hip place…


Remember when it was a pretty safe assumption that domestic terrorists didn’t personally support the President, regardless of which party controlled the White House at the time? Timothy McVeigh wasn’t a Bill Clinton fan. That guy who sent out all those envelopes full of anthrax in 2001 didn’t wear a baseball cap with a George W. Bush slogan on it.

Now we live in an era where it will be downright surprising if the terrorist behind these bombings ISN’T revealed to be a Trump supporter.


Here’s his blog, supposedly:



It was clearly part of a school project, from the looks of it. Certainly illustrates some of his political ideas, but not much about motivation on the bombings.


Last entry was almost six years ago. This country has seen a lot of developments in white supremacy / radical neocon violence since then.