Parkland student activists drive American right berzerk, supercharge attack on public education


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Nothing says “Home of the Brave” quite like claims that victims of violence are paid actors.


Ted Nugent called them souless, which is a dog whistle for dehumanizing them.


“as progressives have abandoned their unquestioning support for charters and demanding high-quality public schools.”

When were Progressives ever on the charter school train, main stream Dems even. It seems to me charter schools were always darlings of the reich wing.



At least a few in my neck of the woods are more like hippie schools than religious schools.


Here in Michigan, the nation’s charter laboratory, most people were in favor of charters because of the extremely heavy propaganda campaign ahead of the vote allowing it. I’m more of an evidence based voter, and as test results started coming in, it was obvious that on average charters perform only slightly better than our worst public districts, which was an entirely predictable outcome.

Personally, I’m a dirty social democrat, and have always been against charters because it was obviously a scheme to funnel public dollars into private pockets while simultaneously attempting to break the teachers union.


I’m shocked, SHOCKED. /s


“There’s been another shooting at a school.”

“My God! We must immediately turn all our schools into fortresses, with armed guards everywhere.”

“Are you sure that’s the best way to respond to this?”

“No, you’re right. We also need to force all the kids to carry transparent backpacks.”

“You don’t think it might be more effective to, say, impose some restrictions on the sale of rapid-fire, high velocity weapons to civilians?”

“What? Hell, no. What are you, insane?”

“Well, some of the kids who were shot at seem to think it’s a good idea.”

“Of course they do. Schools are hot-beds of left-wing brainwashing. The goddamn Commies have radicalized those kids. The traitorous little bastards will wipe us out if we don’t end public education now.”

“Uh … those are certainly some imaginative proposals.”

“Imaginative? On the contrary, my friend. They’re all just good old-fashioned common sense.”



I understand the kids need to learn about the The Big Lebowski, but why is The Dude wearing a white bathrobe and hugging a large bell?


“children are not being taught … the reasons for American exceptionalism.”

Oh, by American exceptionalism is he referring to our exceptionally high rate of mass shootings? Could the reason be DON’T TOUCH MY GUN!! ?


Quite a bit of the propaganda from the NRA, Fox, and various right-wing media celebrities seems to be encouraging audiences to identify with the shooters.


schools were “propaganda mills” that were down on "genitalia assignment, bathrooms, and gym

I don’t even know how to unpack that.

ETA: So I will just leave it alone and back away slowly.


Also, the right wing nonsense I’ve read is that this 18 yo is on the verge of bringing down the Republic:


(hoping she does)


Eagle poo on Jeboo.


—And that slight performance difference can probably be accounted for by their ability to expel students more easily.


Yup. Nailed it.


At first, I thought he was trying to make fire next to the bell.