Parler is down, and Apple just gave Parler 24 hours to ‘Improve Moderation’ or they are banned from App Store

I’d run my self ragged if I worried what ignorant fools who persistently reject reality might think. At some point we have to press forward and just start arresting the cultists that take action on their warped thoughts and commit acts of terrorism and violence.

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Huh, if only calpers was an activist investor.

Might I suggest a safe alternative for your summer fruit storage, MAGAts? NOT connected to the IOT of course.


Or, like know what is on port 119…

I have seen screenshots on Twitter that the refugees from rational thought are relutant to use the Parler PWA ‘Progressive Web App’. Something about progressive they have a problem with.


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Hey guys - I’m not saying this should not have been done.
I am lamenting the seeming impossibility of suppressing these insidious conspiracy theories.
Everyone take a nice deep breath and relax.

I agree with you.

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Based on the responses to my last post, it appears that some of us are, as well, I’m sorry to say.

Apple and Google versus Trump and the Mercers (who fund Parler); guess we’re going to see where real power lies.


And, thanks to someone who doesn’t even know their own email address, I’ve just learned that Parler, like EBay, Pinterest, etc, doesn’t bother with positive email account verification.

I suspect that their suggestion (email is going to be as successful as it was with EBay (which took two phone conversations and still failed to get my email address removed). is way too real. Except it’s not just older folk…


As someone mentioned above, google and apple are probably just trying to distance themselves from the parler and the other assholes because they fear the repercussions of not doing that.

It is not so easy to install apps from third-parties on IOS.
If i’m not mistaken, it requires a jailbreak.
Even if it can be easily circumvented, as in android’s case, it still requires some effort to do it, and it might at least make a reduction on the number of users.
But, i’m not sure if it still applies to parler, because the warning from android that third-party apps can be used install virus probably sounds like the leftist companies just want to attack their freeze peach.

That would indeed be hilarious, but even if it is not true, there is nothing stopping those agencies to get that data with a subpoena.


I believe sideloading of apps involves developer mode, so I can’t wait for the parler site to have some easter egg nonsense in their instructions:

“First open you settings app, then go to device info, then go to the BUILD NUMBER (not the kernel number, not the OS version, the build number) and tap on it 7 times. There will be no feedback the first 5 taps. then download this file…”


Nah, you can sideload apps by just trying to load it in, it’ll give you a link to activate untrusted sources. You click on that, and you’re through. It’s not a hard thing to set at all.

Cory (I miss Cory here) Doctorow on Parker censorship.


I miss his history here, and the viewpoints and advocacy he represented, but I don’t miss the many more recent headlines he posted that were hyperbolic lies and that were contradicted by what actually happened, and sometimes even by the text his own posts. It was baffling, and completely unnecessary because there was usually a good point to be made about the topic he was covering, and the lies in the headlines were entirely unjustified and unnecessary to advocate for his cause. He almost never made corrections to his headlines or articles even when they were demonstrably factually incorrect.


Thanks. I’ve disagreed with Cory on many a topic (akin to @Skeptic’s concerns), but I feel this series of tweets was spot on.

I’ll admit I’m pleased with the Apple/Google ban (which adds friction to using Parler, but doesn’t shut them down), but feel a little feel more ambiguous about the Amazon closing them down, mostly because I fully anticipate all of these tactics being used against many sites I quite like (using Guillotines on BB as a pretext to shut it down, etc.).

I expect Amazon to end up like Visa and Mastercard - being allowed to keep its monopoly status in return for unofficially anticipating the government’s desires and acting upon them. No official government intervention or even request required. A little scary in 8-12 years when its the Republicans that Amazon has to please to keep its status.

When killing Parler, I think I preferred the plausible deniability of Apple And Google app removal to the elimination of the computing resources that Parler (and more and more of the Internet) depends upon.


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