Pass the Sault

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I recently discovered Sault through Tidal and immediately fell in love- really fantastic stuff. I had no idea the makers of this music were so mysterious! I’ll keep an eye- and ear- out for more Sault!


As someone who grew up really close to Sault Ste. Marie, it took me a second to read the headline properly.


The burning question I have (I also started binging Sault during 2020) is if there’s an authoritative way to pronounce the name? Is it like French ‘sault’ (jump, sounds kind of like ‘so’), like ‘salt’ (there is a lyric in one of the songs that says ‘pinch of salt’ if I’m remembering right), like ‘soo’ as in Sault Ste. Marie (I’ve never understood that pronunciation). Maybe it’s like ‘soul’ and the ‘t’ is silent?

I even read somewhere that it’s maybe actually S-A-U-L-T (the letters spelled out, like an acronym).

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