Passenger on New Zealand Boeing flight says pilot said he "lost control after instrument failure"



You might be closer to the answer than you might like… :thinking: (sorry, paywalled, you know the drill)

The FAA in 2016 adopted an airworthiness directive for all Boeing 787–9 planes, relating to … the three flight control modules (FCMs).
That directive followed concerns all three FCMs might “simultaneously reset” if left powered on for 22 days.

There is speculation it was an inflight FCM reset. That seems to be the least alarming possibility. The preliminary report is due in 7 days.

Also, black swans are common in :new_zealand: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


JAL is planning to switch to the Airbus A350 for their daily London to Haneda route within this year.

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waitwaitwait, a spokesperson for boeing said this out loud to the media?!? thats…something.

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I think there was a silent /s


well, in these days…anyway, thanks.

e/ kinda figured they dont give a fuck about it anymore;

The sudden dive was caused by a movement of the pilots seat controls, pushing the pilot into the controls and causing the nose dive. Wow


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