Patagonia study shows Patagonia fleece jackets a pollutant


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Kind of nice to see a company investigating the environmental harm caused by its products and then releasing that information to the public.


So it’s cool if I keep wearing cotton shirts?


Since I put in a wire mesh catcher in the tub the washer empties into this does not surprise me. The amount of lint and cat hair is quite a bit. On the plus side I don’t have to take a snake to the basement drain anymore.


I get a good fistful of dog and cat hair in the traps every laundry load.


Probably 85% Nemo hair :slight_smile:


Well, shit, what the hell are vegans supposed to wear in cold weather now?


I’ve never owned a fleece. They strike me as darned uncomfortable, and now this!


Worse, with Global Warming fish don’t even need jackets!


Vegetablewear. Latest thing.


Even better would be immediate action by Patagonia to pull their microplastic products or at the very minimum put a large disclaimer in their sales display until they better understand the findings and how to address it.


Same as warm climates: grow up, or die.


How much of these plastics have I inhaled/consumed this year?


All wool all the time for me.
Well, most of the time.


I bet this is true for the Uniqlo style fleeces too.


Depends on where they grow the cotton. Australian cotton farming is catastrophic from a water-use POV.


Is it bad that I read this and then thought “when was the last time I washed my jackets?”


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