Patent troll is killing networked sex toy industry


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If phones were designed to please their owners, rather than corporations

Damn, now I’ll never be pleasured by a portal gun like in the video?


how do you control a sex toy with a video, I can understand controlling a video with a sex toy…


So ISAPI appears to a be a MS only tech… Couldn’t you like come up with another method for device communication over the internet that completely avoids ISAPI, IIS or anything made by Microsoft? Cursory research shows no one uses that one piece of the puzzle anymore and it’s been out-modded since the ought’s.


Fortunately (perhaps) the Internet of Things can be argued not to have been an “existing network” at the time the patent was filed. So you just crock together some lame new IOT protocol eg: wank://xxx.fleshlight.cum/ – and you’re back in business.


I’m sure the emerging world of teledildonics will find a way around this little setback. I’m amazed that there isn’t some terrible erotic fiction that could be used as an example of prior art, for one thing.


Well rule 34 and all that.



Will they be allowed to practice kissing?


Never was there a more apposite patent troll to say ‘go fuck yourself’ to.


Perhaps embedded directives. If I’d be designing something like that, the easiest way would be likely to use standard video container format and use an alternative sound track to encode the commands and output that one to the controller via USB or bluetooth audio. No OS-specific drivers to fuck with.



We started up a prior-art hunt and a defense fund to try to find lawyers to help us!


The easiest way to control a toy with video is documented freely for you right here! Arduino+processing+webcam:

And we have an open-source library called OSSex :wink:


If you want a vision of the future, imagine the frustration of trying to insert a USB cable - forever.


Probably along the same lines as “Second Screen” apps. Except instead of sports stats or behind-the-scenes info showing up on your iPad while you watch TV, a robot sucks your cock.


Buying up a patent with no intention of developing a useful object is fraud, and should be treated as such.


I am becoming very jaded against such blatant patent trolling.

The patent system needs serious reform, a good 3/4 of existing patents need to be revoked…



Thought. The end of the article specifies the possibility of using a camera on a device for sensing. As quite some of the activity is contact-wise, or at least too short distance to focus with common optics. If all that’s needed to detect is movement, could the sensor from a USB mouse be used instead? What about accelerometers? There are some nice 9-axis sensors for drone autopilot units these days that could be possibly used for all sorts of shenanigans and position/movement sensing.


Yeah cool thoughts! that’s exactly why we made the Mod in the first place, to make a toy you could fully customize and control with ANYTHING.

Of course some companies don’t want you to have that kind of freedom as a user, and thus are SUING US