The Internet of Connected Sex Toys is every bit as horrifyingly insecure and poorly thought out as you imagine

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I’m immediately thinking of the puppetry possibilities.

I’m a sick man.


The “Black Mirror” scripts almost write themselves these days.


That’s the name of my EDM band.


Shame all these sex toys keep failing penetration tests.


Sure, a lot of problems, but on the plus side there are people who get off on the idea of total strangers secretly controlling and manipulating their sex toys as they use them.

As long as people understand that’s what they sign up for.

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Here’s something to try… don’t buy one.

I assume that this will be a “why not both?” moment; but I have to wonder if the abuses committed by uninvited 3rd parties against weak systems will be even close to the abuses committed by either vendors with EULAs even more flexible than their ethics and a permanent foothold in the firmware or formerly trusted 3rd parties who aren’t pruned aggressively enough from their ex’s access control lists.

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