Lovesense sex toys make accidental audio recordings of your sex sessions, which the company describes as a "minor bug"


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Consumers should insist on free and open source software for controlling their smart sex toys.


I’m waiting for the AI version that can interpret the physiological responses. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s almost an XKCD for that.


Imagine how valuable that data must be.


5 min ring tones?


It’s comforting to know they fixed the bug that captured video.


people are justified in whatever outrage they feel about these issues… but none of it is enough to overrule how much I like their sex toys. But then, I’ve mostly used them for doing cam work, intentionally letting strangers play with them; that probably influences my perspective.


How much can it really record with all that insulation around it?


Recently there was local scandal nearby where a retail employee was found to have drilled a peep hole looking into the store fitting rooms. This kinda makes that pale in comparison when you think about it.


B: “Geez, who put the bug up your butt?”


I don’t want my sex toys to have any bugs!


Yea yea, hooray for lawsuits, but really, you think I’d rather listen to you a-humpin and a-pumpin, or empty your meager bank account?


Are there sex toys for bugs?


This is a serious question: can someone explain to me the point of Internet-enabled sex torys?


The person at the other end controls the vibrator buttplug, with video and sound of what’s going on. The next best thing to being there, I guess.


I don’t know what else to call it, but “sex session” sounds about as appealing as “blood letting.”


You know what you’ll find if you Google those two phrases in combination, right?




:slight_smile: We already have the technology to track those responses: