Bluetooth sex toys are trivial to compromise just by walking around neighborhoods


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The Rise of the Machines did not begin the way most people expected.


Beating back the swelling tide will be long and hard.


Screwdriving. Would that be the less common Torx or star head, a super cool six-pointed star-shaped head, which is used on things that need to get very tight


“Experts fear that compromised sex toys could be used to launch a Denial of Cervix attack.”


Inevitably, criminal hackers will find a way to penetrate any unprotected backdoor.


Are you sure this isn’t a feature rather than a bug?


I don’t understand a lot here. First, why should a buttplug even have bluetooth, or for that matter, power at all? I can’t imagine a scenario where one would need to remotely control a buttplug. To do what? Its name is its function. Second, what would a hacker do with these devices that would be problematic? Make them vibrate more or not at all? That seems rather pointless. I don’t tend to give my bank account information to any dildos.


Ok, so we turn off all buttplugs in the area, then we call up the houses of the homes with buttplugs turned off and say we will turn them back on if they send us $20 dollars (which after all is the same price as in town)


Not counting the dildos at Equifax.


Compromised home security systems seem to me, far more troubling than a p0wned vibratory. But maybe I just haven’t been touched by the right toy yet…


Sounds like some kind of sci-fi writing prompt. “The bells of St. Mark’s were ringing changes up on the mountain when Lomas demonstrated the attack by wandering the streets of Berlin, compromising Lovesense Hush buttplugs.”

Presumably they’re supposed to vibrate after being plugged, I guess? As for giving someone else control over it, that’s nothing new.

(I really should be more careful about what I Google while at work.)

I guess if one forgets to shut it off, it could start vibrating unexpectedly and … fall on the floor?


Batteries and IR for convenience AND privacy?


Well, I guess you could use it to transmit messages using Morse code. Or play “Jerusalem”. At a board meeting.


Gives new meaning to “penetration testing”.


Came for the puns, butt found they had all been taken (vigorously, from behind).

This should open up some new avenues for Chuck Tingle. “Horny T-Rex Gets Screwdriven By Randy Time-Travelling Geeks” or similar.


Older toys have a wire going back to a battery compartment/controller module. Eliminating that wire makes everything more sanitary, whatever else it does.


I work near a university residence. The discovered device list is extensive when you walk past with bluetooth discovery turned on on your device.


If nothing else, you might cause some embarrassment. “Mom, why is your bedside drawer buzzing?”


Bluetooth sex toys. Hmm.

Never mind screwdriving; why hasn’t someone done a phone app to substitute for the controller? Then add on feedback stuff like Fitbit heartrate sensors, the phone mic, etc, and an AI learning program in the phone.

Once that’s going, turn on the GPS, add a scoring system … call it Pokeitmoan Go? (Probably skip the part about going to various public locations to earn badges. Just … no.)