Camera-equipped sex toy manufacturer ignores multiple warnings about horrible, gaping security vulnerability


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hacker speak for taking full control of it


One wonders what Beau du Jour was up to.


Sex toy has “horrible, gaping security vulnerability” and there’s a chance it could be hacked too!


The Cult of the Dead Cow seems like they would approve even more than usual of this particular persistent remote control vulnerability.


gaping security flaw”


Back Orifice FTW!


With names like “wingedcamlib” and “skyviper”, it looks a lot like libraries in here were written with drones in mind.

So some hacker could tell the vibrator to do a barrel-roll? Oh my!

I’m still trying to figure out the camera. I’ve had a colonoscopy, it was not my idea of sexy fun.


Is this another device where the main vulnerability is simply the assumption that the user never secured it with a password? Or did their reverse-engineering allow them to bypass that?


Did anyone else read SLIME eye?


Or Sauron Slime Eye. Like a Palantir with lots of lube.

Aragorn uses Heir of Isildur.
Sauron uses Goatse. It is Super Effective!
Aragorn is stunned.


Two Hobbits One Pipe!


“penetration testing”


It wasn’t supposed to be taken literally.


Some may get off on this.


At first I read the name as Slime Eye. In my head I heard my high school sex ed teachers voice say, “Mucus is good. Lubrication is necessary and normal.” Then my internal monologue said, “Good on them! Terrible name for marketing, but perhaps the kids are more hip these days.”

Then I had my computer read the article to me and I saw that I was wrong, as it pronounced “See-ime Eye”.

What does the name mean? (Beyond “horrible, gaping security vulnerability.”)



Are you going to sell it in the boing boing store?
Its the perfect boing boing toy.
Hackable innuendo.


What goes innuendo
must come outuendo


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