Bluetooth sex toys are trivial to compromise just by walking around neighborhoods


How far around the neighborhood do you have to walk it?


How strong are the motors in these devices? Could an attacker boost the power to full and cause injury (tearing of sensitive tissues?)

Could an attacker cause the device to draw too much power from the battery and overheat, perhaps by exploiting a flaw in the hardware through the vulnerability in the networking?

Suppose someone with one of these devices was crossing the road (with the device off.) What if the sudden activation of the device distracted them to the point they were not able to cross the road in time to avoid being struck by a car?


If the buttplug is somehow connected to your home network, it could be used as a beachhead to hack everything else.

It would be a real pain in the ass.



Has anyone told Niantic? Because I feel like this could be the next big cash cow.

Unsecured sex toys has got to be a new fetish thing.


Orange juice and vodka.


A butt-plug named Wand-a?


I don’t think that public geo-toy-sex would fit their model too well, but it would give new meaning to capturing enemy portals.


What’s the danger? Being screwed to death?


I could see the possibility of having some random person turn in your sex toy being a feature for people into exhibitionism or humiliation.


but if they’re trivial to compromise, where’s the thrill?


Wrap your heads around this:

Sooner or later, a haxored vibrator is going to result in sexual assault charges.


While I chose to address the lighter side of this by talking about people having a fetish for using unsecured sex toys, I was also thinking about this too. This is one of those things that has some comedy potential, that’s potentially a as-of-a-day-ago untapped plot source for a porn movie, but that you really, really shouldn’t do in real life.


Yeah, it’s funny to think about, but probably not a pleasant experience for someone to find out that their device in intimate areas is now being controlled by some perv out on the street. “Invasion of privacy” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Saying that they shouldn’t have been dressed like that shouldn’t have had an unsecured device doesn’t really cut it. The criminal case or lawsuit would be a real lawyers’ benefit with complex arguments on both sides.

It would make a good B-plot for some cop/lawyer show episode.


The toy being trivial to compromise ups the risk of walking around while wearing one.


There are certainly worse ways to go. Looks like he came, and went… (takes off sunglasses)


“Scotty, I need full power to blow the warp core on that Dildonian ship!” I’m not sure death by hacked buttplug is a large concern.



Are people hacking the sex toys of Tory MPs specifically?


Buzz them all, and see who sits up and takes notice.

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