Patent Troll Sues to Prevent COVID-19 Testing

It starts bad and gets worse, and TechDirt has all the dirt. A while back the sham medical firm Theranos was picked clean and the remains sold to Fortress Investment Group, a patent-troll giant owned by SoftBank. A subsidiary was just spun off for the purpose of suing to prevent actual medical technology company BioFire from developing and implementing COVID-19 tests. The suit is being handled by Irell & Manella which recently claimed it could represent wild monkeys in an intellectual property suit.

Accurate testing as soon as possible could mean life or death for thousands, possibly millions of people. And these sorry excuses for subhuman POSes want to prevent it unless we give them a lot of money to go away. Since we’re returning to old-fashioned disease reduction methods perhaps we should return to old-fashioned methods of expressing social disapproval


Cancel those patents.


Federal govt in times of emergency or for reasons of national security can take over patents. This isn’t any different. If Trump wasn’t a complete ghoul I’m sure that would be day one EO.


… but as it is we can expect Barr to file an amicus curiae brief in favor of the trolls.

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