'Path of Blood,' new feature film by Eric Power


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Looks amazing!

“If you’ve flown Virgin America and watched Boing Boing’s in-flight video channel”

I haven’t, I didn’t know such a thing existed. Is is an original content channel or a curated collection type thing?

Below, a few screenshots. It’s gorgeous, obsessively detailed, and just an amazing feat of stop-motion paper animation.

Tastes differ. I can see obsessively detailed, but I don’t see the gorgeous part.

Did you watch the trailer? There is some truly beautiful scenery, even if you don’t like the plot, lack of plot(?) or the violence.

awe some sauce

Unfortunately the kickstarter was not successful. It was about $15,000 shy of its $25,000 goal. I was a backer and truly bummed it didn’t get funded. I’d love to hear how he persevered and got it made though!

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