Paul Mavrides art show in San Francisco


Erm. I’ve always liked Mavrides but this looks like a carbon copy of Wayne White’s stuff as seen in this documentary:

according to freewheelin’ fanklin : " we have plenty of GRASS , and , as we all know , DOPE will get you through times of no MONEY better than money will get you through times of no DOPE "
( alWays posted proMinently on my walL !! )

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If you follow the link in the post, you’ll see that the accompanying text for the exhibit includes this bit:

“However, it is Wayne White, the Los Angeles artist who paints candy colored word sculptures on vintage prints, whose work Mavrides most closely touches. But where White, who limits his source material to mass-production lithography, is anarchic, poetic and whimsical, Mavrides is more like a soap box preacher—or a conman—doing his ultra terse, highly critical graffiti on someone else’s personal land.”

Wish I could make it down to the show. Long time fan of Mavrides (aka Palmer Vreedeez, aka LIES).

Another thing on his resume is the cover art for the Butthole Sufers album Electriclarryland…

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Paul Mavrides is a genius. His ability as an artist is wide- painting, cartooning, writing, basic drawing, conceptual art, graphic design. As big as he is, I still consider him as generally underrated.

Paul graciously let us include one of his never-before-published cartoons in the new Firesign Theatre book - you can see it at the 2:31 mark in this video:

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Any relation to Paolo Mavrides from Bruce Sterling’s Schismatrix?

Paul Mavrides is one of the great underground artists, truly one of the best. But he only worked on the Freak Brothers, he did not create them. Gilbert Shelton did that.

Don’t be fooled! It’s a trap. Paul Mavrides is an ambulant collective of battle mites from beyond the stars, sent to colonize this planet – I have evidence – and this art show simply means that it’s time for them to feed again.

Stay away, unless you want to be rendered into insectoid hors d’oeuvres.

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