Pay what you want for 12 courses to help you become a Microsoft Office master


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Or graduate from elementary school ten years ago and have learned all the same stuff with a slightly different interface.


Pay what you want for 12 courses to help you become a Microsoft Office master slave



Has anyone got a filter worked out so my RSS reader can skip all these ads?
Possibly just some regex to match:

Pay what you want
Save %
But wait, there's more!


Oh, filtering them was easier than I realised :smiley:


Is “Microsoft Office Expert” on your resume, but not totally accurate? That’s really pathetic!


Or teach yourself Emacs and Latex for free, and never, ever have to touch MS Office again.

(I’m a Vim Cultist myself, but Emacs has Org-mode, which means you can dispense with Excel.)


Or really just use Libre Office as both it and MS Office started doing 95% more crap than I will ever use it for years ago.



Really, you should never do this. It’s not the tool for that job. There are multiple tools that are far better than Excel (or Libre Office) for any task involving intricate formulas or data analysis that are fully developed, free, and open source, so it’s easy to change the behavior of the included functions if you want to.


Microsoft Office?

.gif BANK for the BBS

The years will fly by, and in a decade or two you’ll be cons-ing your buffers and opening-files-at-point over TRAMP like a past-master!

No love for Google-docs? Or for #Slack, which is “reimagining documents”?




Office is always most productive when you approach it frivolously.


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