Paypal refuses to deliver online purchases to UK addresses containing "Isis"


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Can Paypal just die an fire already? Please?


What if they changed their address to something friendlier.


123 Fuck PayPal drive
PayPal Sucks Colossal Ass, England UK


C’mon, terrorists. You’re not even trying anymore.


Do they think that ISIS a) call themselves that. b) have that listed as part of their address c) are trying to buy things via Paypal UK? The mind boggles.

Oh, and thanks for compressing that story for us. The signal to noise ratio of the original article was… non-optimal.



Big data, small minds.


That’s how ISIS kills people. No more paypal for you, dude.


The terrorists won.


What about people named Isis, which until recently was a perfectly respectable, if slightly uncommon name


And will ordering a copy of The Keeper of the Isis Light, Monica Hughes’ YA SF novel, put one on some sort of watch list?


This is just a modern day variation of the Scunthorpe problem.


I wonder if I can buy this car with paypal:




Try giving the address as LSLS (but all lower case) - the postman should be able to interpret that when printed as lsls, and the Paypal systems will be too stupid to flag it.


If I had to guess I’d say that somebody pranked their friend by sending them a suspicious package addressed to “Isis Headquarters” or something. The authorities were notified, either through mass surveillance or a jumpy postal worker, and after spending altogether too much time investigating it (yes, the British secret service is that stupid) they finally twigged to the prank, got all embarrassed and surly about it and warned PayPal to not let it happen again.

Or like, some variation on that.


I think you’re all being unfair to PayPal. They have little choice in the matter.

Merely having a similar name to a terrorist means that you can be abducted by the US, shipped to another country, interrogated, beaten, strip-searched, sodomized and tortured. And when they figure out they’ve got the wrong person and release you (on a remote back road in the wrong country at night with no money or ID), they’ll still consider you a terrorist so that they can avoid apologizing, compensation or other legal consequences.

In 2006, while retroactively immunizing some U.S. officials from war crimes charges, the US redefined “unlawful enemy combatant” to be broad and vague, and to include anyone who unwittingly assists an enemy.

It’s supposed to be an irrational fear on PayPal’s part. But you need to step lightly around lawless torture states.

BTW, that same 2006 law also states that if the President says you are an enemy combatant, then you effectively are. And subject to the kidnapping, sodomizing, torture, detainment for a decade+ without trial, etc.

Trump has already declared his pro-torture stance. And the enemy status of journalists.


There’s a lap dancing club in town near where I live which has long been called “Isis” but has recently taken to re-decorating it’s shopfront with various combinations of British flags and so forth. Not long ago, they appear to have removed the name entirely.

This is a country where you run the risk of serious assault if a newspaper outs you as a paediatrician, though. (


In Greenwich there is a language school that was called Isis (like the spy agency that Archer worked for) and they’ve made the lame but wise decision to name themselves something much more bland and safe. At least they’ll get their Paypal paid for parcels.

But yeah, it’s incredibly stupid to think that an address that has Isis in it has anything to do with the scumbag terrorist organisation Daesh. Don’t be stupid, Paypal.


I can’t wait until some terrorist organisation decides to name themselves “Paypal”.