Peasant meme


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Python did it better…


Which is of course why so many of the powerful desire an ignorant, frightened populace.


Isn’t he supposed to say “wow” and “such crops?”


It’s an appropriate meme given the mentality of the GOP Presidential candidate’s typical supporter.


Yo Charles of Valois, I’m a let you finish, but Enguerrand de Marigny was the greatest Coadjutor of all time.

/chillin’ like a villein


I bet most of the eleven-year-olds posting this don’t even know what a potato tree looks like.



Does this qualify? I quite often hear of people trying to “establish memes”, and they often refer to it that way, “let’s get this meme going!”

But… well, the concept of meme, by definition, is that it is established, there is an awareness, it pervades. Until it is, and does, it isn’t a meme. This resembles an internet meme in style, but there appears to be no overall cultural awareness or use. The importance of the phenomenon is the collective understanding, and while this is kind of self explanatory, there’s no instant recognition or transfer of a thought or idea.

I like the subject matter, shows potential. Good luck!


Very serf

So fiefdom


Yeah I’ve given up trying to correct people online when they misuse the word. I’ve just come to accept that “meme” now means “funny picture”. Just like when “image macro” came to mean “any image with words overlaid”.

Language, man. It’s a snarly beast.


Yep. You’d almost think it was a sort of living thing, one that keeps changing. /s


Sure it qualifies, if you recognize that it’s in the same family as Doge and all the rest of them. This is a mutated version of Doge, so it’s a meme.

Whether or not this particular mutation will survive and reproduce is an open question.


Reality: most of them wouldn’t know how to grow a sufficient variety of edible crops. That requires research, hard work, and a willingness to eat healthy natural food.

No, I’m not just being snarky. I’m in the Midwest, and seeing the reality around here makes me wonder how our average life expectancy isn’t even lower than it is.


Indeed. Guess how many times I’ve heard “you grow vegetables? Why? There’s a grocery store down the road” over the last 15 years or so?


Needs more realism.


As I always say (in my own attempt to establish a meme) about Angry White Men, They may be willing to break a sweat, but they refuse to crack a book.


Hrm, I don’t buy that really. A different image, with different text, in a completely different idiom, totally indistinguishable without an up-to-date understanding meme current events? That isn’t a meme. There’s no general awareness, just the opposite.

A meme isn’t a funny picture with text. The text actually has no importance if the image is memetic. If someone in a chat says something about their boyfriend, I can post an image of “Overly Attached Girlfriend”, with no text at all, and the overall meaning is transferred. If someone asks a silly but confusing question, and I post an image of philosoraptor without text, the idea is there. Grumpy Cat, Picard Facepalm, Success Kid. These transcend language and convey an intrinsic, culturally associated idea.

So, no, this is kinda cool, but it isn’t there yet.




Remember when O RLY was just an airport in France? Pepperidge Farm remembers.