Are you sick of "Minions" yet?


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Despicable Me 2 made me sick of minions before the meme became an epidemic. I have no desire whatsoever to see the Minions movie.


I like 'em. Never could stomach Smurfs, but Minions embrace juuust enough fart humor to keep me engaged.

I am not a sophisticated audient.


They’re cute too. And I like the gibberish language (not precisely gibberish, I recognize both Spanish and Russian words in it) a lot better than replacing all the adjectives and half the nouns with “smurf”.


I recently saw Inside Out, and during the promo pre-show, some talking head types asked several children about Minions. The kids had all seen the Despicable Me films, and offered suitable cute and enthusiastic answers, except:

At one point the talking heads asked the kids if they would like to BE a Minion. The kids all said “Yes!”, and gave cute explanations, but all I could think was – why didn’t any of the grownups involved in this remember what the word “minion” means? Even the capital-M Minions have obviously hazardous jobs.

I suppose I’m having an over-paranoid moment, but encouraging people, especially children, to identify with disenfranchised, overworked, group-thinking, disposable slaves/test subjects seems kind of evil. I mean, in the Despicable Me films they’re funny, but the whole point is they worshipfully work for a bad guy who treats them poorly, yet they love him anyhow.


They are also pretty much unkillable and have incredible lifespans.


Groupthink is sooo powerful. The older I get, the more I see it. Everyone wants to be a minion because it’s easy.


someone has too much sand in their butt


So hipsters are too cool for Minions?

That’s kind of sad.


I’ve had worse bosses, and I’m not even a lumpy yellow cartoon character.

No really, I’m not.


I haven’t seen any of these movies and therefore, am apathetic to Minions.


I’m sick of minions from the beginning. I did not saw the first Despicable Me film but I guessed they would be just slapstick flat characters, I saw the second film and had enough.


I’ve been sick of them ever since the first movie came out. I was traveling abroad and the ugly things infested every subway station, their blank CG faces staring from enormous billboards on the walls.


I’m waiting for the inevitable Minion/Adipose crossover.


One of the blogs that I follow in my newsfeed has a major dislike of them and has been reblogging everything minion (from minion themed weddings to other anti-minion rants).
Wolf and the music. // look, look. if i die tomorrow, if some unfortunate…

i HATE those yellow Minions. i have always HATED them. i hate minion themed things. i hate how they are EVERYWHERE and i hate whichever sh!!post looked at those evil potato croquette lookin motherfrackers and decided they needed a full length film. i HATE them.

Myself? What The Donald said.


I haven’t seen any of these movies and therefore, am apathetic to Minions.

I assume you’re not on Facebook.


The first movie was surprisingly good. I avoided it due to over-Minioning until it was on a plane. Maybe it was my vulnerable state of mind in the 12th hr of an 18 hour flight, but it was funny and touching, and I liked the little guys a lot.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been subject to such a marketing flood as the new Minions movie, though. They’re everywhere. On my Amazon packaging, on my food, in every store. They’re in every third Facebook post. On TV constantly. I want to actively avoid this movie out of spite, now.


having never seen the movies they are in, and being only barely aware of their slapstick angle, i love the comparison of them to the smurfs. NOW I GET IT. that makes perfect sense: they are the smurfs for millennials, or the post-millennials.


I think it was between the first and second movie that I made a comment to a coworker that we needed a minion. Having not seen the films myself, I couldn’t figure out what he was suddenly on about. All I wanted was an intern or some other lackey to handle menial IT tasks. Sheesh.


I am, but haven’t seen those. That, um, is a thing? Maybe I need more friends.