4 pack of Star Wars Minions

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$19.84 | no tax | free shipping

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Personally I prefer the saint seiya ones



Disney and Universal characters mixing?? What’s next? Cats kissing dogs??


No Boba Fett. My money is safe. For now…


I’m fairly sure I sort of half-watched the minions movie on a Air France flight in winter of 2013… but it just came out in cinemas now. Is that possible?

You probably saw Despicable Me 2, which came out in 2013. It and the first Despicable Me features the Minions.

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Yeah, I did watch Minions 2 but specifically member the Conference of Evil, or whatever… maybe it was an advert.

STOP IT. no more damn Minions. For the Love Of God.


Wait, is there a new wave of Chinese bootleg products going around that are higher quality than the bootlegs of old? The otehr day I saw a lot of storm troopers on ebay, some the traditional white and some painted black, that were the exact form of the 1977 era toys. some weird stuff being sold online. Maybe it makes sense. It’s a world market now. On amazon and ebay, products shipping from china look just as legit as products shipping from the US.

They are getting good. There are much less expensive copies of the expensive resin models from GamesWorkshop that from what I understand are of equal or better quality. I hate to think what the safety standards are as the resin fumes and dust are not the most healthy things to be around.

It would actually be interesting to see what kind of licensing deal makes this possible, since Universal is aggressively pushing Minions as their premier kiddie alternative, whilst Disney is trying to make Star Wars more of a Disney brand, especially at the parks.
So are they splitting profits 50/50? Or is one party just happy to get their brand affiliated with the other party’s brand? If so, who is “on top”?

It’s been said that when Lego first got a Star Wars license, they didn’t earn much from each item sold, but they were compensated by an rapid increase in volume. That can hardly be the motivation here. So, how did this mashup come to be? I’m genuinely curious.

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