Why people don't like the word "moist"

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I can’t understand it really. I don’t have a problem with it but had a friend in college who confessed her aversion to the word and the more I thought of it the more I thought, "That is a weird sounding word. Not at all pleasant.
I actually think it’s the very weird formation of the mouth. The way your mouth shapes to make the sound, mmoyst.

Weird. To me damp sounds moldy, but ■■■■■ sounds pretty okay.


“■■■■■ Paradise” is my new band name.


I prefer “■■■■■” to “soppy” in every context I can think of.
True story.


Or maybe they were just cheated by a notorious scam artist who goes by the same name.


Bonus; a song apparently cut from the Blog that I was unaware of - Nobody Wants to Be ■■■■■


That’s really a weird one to me. I feel like there’s a class of words though, or maybe just a class of people who are “word-sensitives”. My girlfriend hates it, and also “panty”. “Nobody calls them panties on adult women, they’re underwear!” So I show her any women’s underwear catalog. “Ewww! Gross! Why do they all call them panties?!”

Oglaf: Owlbear [NSFW]


Important research on this topic:

This is one of those rare lingual things where it is both a prescriptivist and descriptivist?

No, no, no, you got it the wrong way round:

It should be ‘Paradise ■■■■■’. The fact that it sounds rather like a porno based on Milton’s epic may or may not make it more appealing.


There is no universal hatred for the word “■■■■■”. It’s just yet another hipster requirement.

To display your hipster credentials, you must do the following:

  1. Hate the word “■■■■■” (despite the fact you’re indifferent to the word).
  2. Be terrified of clowns (though you never gave them a second thought until everyone was saying they hated clowns).
  3. Be obsessed with bacon (though you have the same passion for it as you do eggs and toast).
  4. Spread at least one falsehood around the Internet per month. (this month’s selection: Castigating that “jerk” who had the gall to propose to his girlfriend at his friends’ wedding…never mind the fact it was the bride’s idea).

I got your “■■■■■” meme, right here!


There are plenty of women who hate being called girls (though girlfriend seems to still be ok). I assume panties is disliked for a similar reason (though, from a male perspective, the word “panties” has nothing to do with little girls. Little girls wear underwear not panties.) People have weird associations with words.

I for instance can’t stand the word “ladies.” Absolutely hate it. It somehow sounds both creepy and stuffy to me at the same time. And of course, I dislike plenty of other words because of the immediate visuals they conjure up (pustule for instance).


Haha! My #1 woman-buddy also cannot stand the words “■■■■■” or “panty.” So when i’m feeling like a real creepy bastard, i’ll slowly enunciate “■■■■■ panties” over and over again until she cracks. Try it sometime! The key is to really dig into the tonality of the phrase and get that onomatopoeia vibe goin.


Agree that hating ■■■■■ is more of a meme than an actual thing.

Here is a completed related view of the ngram frequency for ■■■■■, hoist, foist, joist, voiced, rejoiced, invoiced, and unvoiced.


It’s called Tumblr. I’ll just see myself out…


Maoist paradise?


There’s probably different classes of people who are word-sensitive. ■■■■■ doesn’t bother me, even though it’s true that it’s used a lot in smut. I actually like the word panties. I find it fits well for a very small, often frilly article of clothing. I get that one might like to say ‘underwear’ but I don’t get the outright hate.

There are words however that I just want to yell at or slap. Agitprop is just harsh and ugly, a lazy portmanteau with too many hard consonants. Also maître d’ drives me nuts. Who on earth decided to stop at the goddamn apostrophe and call it a day? Is maître d’hotel just too much to handle somehow?

I better stop now.

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That’s a very… odd chip you have on your shoulder.

Do you have any evidence that people who claim to hate the word “■■■■■” actually don’t hate it?

“I don’t feel this thing, so everyone else who says they feel it must be lying to be in the in-crowd.”

This is called the false-consensus bias.

Do you have a general worry about other people being in the in-crowd, and feel that everything they do is “phoney?”

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