Here’s why people hate the word “moist”


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I don’t hate the “word that everybody hates.” Maybe I got on the wrong bandwagon?

EDIT: I see. 18% = everybody. Did this have “science” in the title?


I think the word ■■■■■ is dank AF.

The word dank is, however, quite ■■■■■ :nauseated_face:


As a foreigner, I don’t have any particular emotional feelings towards ‘■■■■■’. It’s just something I learned in schooI. I find the word ‘damp’ much scarier—as in 'dampening someone’s cries with a wet cloth, as in ‘waterboarding’. If there’s one word that makes me cringe, it’s ‘Schmetterling’. It sounds like a squashed newborn baby. It actually means ‘butterfly’—which, in its turn—is also kinda gross (big black fly sitting in butter). In Dutch, the word associated with the colorful little flappy thing is ‘vlinder’.


Trousers. That’s the word to hate.


Mashable explains

Thats as far as I got.


But “Dank AF” is even moister.


I don’t see what the big deal is.

I’ve never associated the word ■■■■■ with something slimy like phlegm. I’ve always associated it with something that is slightly wet…


I think the simple answer is that people hate the word “■■■■■” because The Internet told them they should hate it (the bandwagon effect, like the video says).

I have several friends who make a big deal about hating “■■■■■”, and when I’ve asked them why, they say something like “I never realized what a terrible gross word it is until someone pointed it out on Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook!”



I don’t hate the world ■■■■■, but do feel disembowel should mean to get off the toilet.


■■■■■ is one of those beach critters that lives between high and dry, and wet’n’wild.


It can’t be that disliked.


Alas, it’s one of those words like frag or defenestrate or tsujigiri that exist to describe something that is so rare as it be more powerful as an idea than a problem.


I don’t have any dislike for ■■■■■. The word I hate is nourish. Fuck that word.

I hate the way it sounds. And more importantly I hate the way it’s used in advertising.



I can’t see what people are complaining about.

It isn’t a very tinny word at all.

However, it is occasionally exceedingly awesome:



I thought at first you were saying that Duncan Hines was why some dislike “■■■■■”.


In Canada, this is why:


Invulnerability to “■■■■■” is one of my superpowers.