Self-deprecating humidity


Oh, you mean ■■■■■?

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What, the word “mօist”?

Certain aspects of life would be utterly ruined without it.

Won’t anyone think the of all the cakes and holiday turkeys???


I’m sorry @orenwolf for the contentless post, but when else am I going to get a chance to use these?




C’est humide!


Okay, I’m done derailing now.


A long time ago I saw a quiz that asked if the word “■■■■■” or “used” was more gross. Apparently this was a surprisingly reliable indicator of gender (like about 70-30 - men don’t like “■■■■■” and women don’t like “used”). I talked to some people about it and basically it has to do with what you think of when you think of the word. Cake: ■■■■■ good, used bad. Couch: used fine, ■■■■■ bad.


Must… resist…

Couldn’t. Hope Ken isn’t putting me on the bench. Just could not…


Oglaf — NSFW




Well that got outta hand quickly!





Would you prefer your birthday cake to be:

  • Sodden
  • Damp
  • Wet
  • Clammy
  • Soggy
  • Dank
  • Mоist

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Would you prefer your lover to be:

  • Sodden
  • Damp
  • Wet
  • Clammy
  • Soggy
  • Dank
  • Mоist

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I hadn’t heard that one in years.

And is that the late, great, Snakefinger on guitar?


■■■■■ we?


No sir, the very great Fred Frith, who had a brief spell with Ralph Records around the time this LP came out. I actually thought it was Phillip “Snakefinger” Lithman myself when I first heard this song, he is on other songs from this LP but doing vocals. If you know Fred Frith then it becomes obvious from the sound/style that it’s him.


Liberté, égalité, humidité!


Ah. Have the names of band members (at least up through Duck Stab) been identified yet?

I recall one Joe Frank radio show sketch (a very funny and strange lounge song parody) where its singer sounded identical to the main singer in ‘The King and Eye’. I may do a bit of research there; a list of performers in the sketch may cough up the name… maybe.