Pee-Wee's Playhouse artist Wayne White makes a surprise appearance on David Letterman, 1984

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Mimi Pond! A wonderful graphic novelist. Check out her book Over Easy about waitressing in a greasy spoon cafe in Oakland.


I wonder if Wayne White ever forgave Laurence Fishburne from stealing Pee-Wee’s front door to make into a chair.


Now if someone could find the episode of Letterman from around 84-86 where Bill Willingham (Fables, Elementals, other comic books) is an audience member Dave questions, that would also be very cool.


He also did the cover of the brand new, and INCREDIBLE, X album, “Alphabetland”.


Do keep an eye out for Beauty is Embarrassing, a PBS docco re: Wayne White. It’s wonderful.


I second this. There’s a link here with more info: and it’s up on some streaming sites. I was lucky enough to catch a screening with White in attendance with a Q&A and it was great. He’s a wonderful example of how to be a weird, creative, kind human.

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Wow! That is so cool! It must have been amazing. :smiley:

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