Peer-reviewed online expert system will help you if you've been poisoned

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This reminds me of the new injury coding thingy they introduced last year in hospitals: the thing was incredibly detailed, with phone books’ worth of codes for anything and everything, all to be inputted by ER staff, a walk in clinic or a family physician, creating an incredibly accurate image of a patient’s history.

This level of standardization isn’t necessary. At all. Until you consider that this is exactly what the foundation work for automated medicine would look like.

This system is just another step on that path.

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What do you do if the poison you’ve taken knocks out your fine motor control and can’t manage to use a keyboard?

ask Siri

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Voice recognition?

I mean that seriously, no snark.

I recall an article on The Friendly Athiest a while back, discussing a young auto-mechanic who had been pinned beneath the truck he had been working on; when prayer didn’t save his ass, a digital assistant did through his phone.

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Flint comes to mind

Ring an Ambulance with your nose.

Seriously, if you’ve lost those, implying you had them, get help.

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Ding, ding, ding! You win!

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