Pencil dice: a D6 in pencil form

. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .
. . . . . .

dots it!


We didn’t draw dots, we pressed hatchmarks with our fingernails. We had to be clandestine when we were rolling characters in class . . .


No, I haven’t watched that, it may have been Yui in K-On, or somebody equally bright.

Yup, I was just thinking that. I know what I’m doing with my sharpies tonight!


So when does your Kickstarter go up?

Pft, gambling. do something more reasonable by throwing your pencils on the floor to approximate Pi.

These rule, but these would make awful dice

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There are a couple kind of sciency things I do in the field that require on the spot random number generation, so I have these pads and I can roll dice to have a choice of what survey areas to focus on, and have the choice of which one taken away from my biases.

It’s all very complicated, but I’ve forgotten my dice before, is the point. Always have a pencil though!

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