Pencil recommendation: ForestChoice #2 graphite

I find 1.5 pencils a week wildly excessive. Or does this include losing them? Perhaps school’s different, but I think I lost two pens during the last 10 years. One of it is probably in my study. Somewhere. The other probably genuinely lost, a small space pen I kept with my notebook, so an increased change of losing it.

Kid’s under strict orders not to borrow outside my room, though.

I assume they have a pencil sharpener, too? I can remember, as a kid, often going through half a pencil just sharpening it :laughing:

Whether it was those cheap little plastic hand-held sharpeners that broke the point off the pencil every time so you had to try over and over before you could even use the pencil again at all…or the big silver-metal wall-mounted hand-cranked sharpener at school that took half the pencil away before you even realized what was happening…or just going at it with a knife because that’s all you could find at the moment…sharpening pencils is a fun activity in itself!

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That may be, actually. When I was a kid we only had small, purely manual pencil sharpeners. Not even the ones with a crank. And while my kid doesn’t go for sharpening excesses despite having an electric one, doesn’t mean that I don’t see the appeal.

Though it would probably mean that I’d dock it. :smiley:

I myself mostly use mechanical pencils. The thin one doesn’t need sharpening (also, I don’t use them because they’ve become collector’s items worth over 200 € each), the 2 mm ones (Magno from Hribarcain) I sharpen with a generic sharpener of which I keep one at each desk.)

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Yes, it’s totally gross.


I see what you did there…

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My mom was a school teacher and would buy boxes and boxes of pencils for her students because someone was always losing one. And, yes, definitely referring to school-age students, since that’s what the original recommendation was based around.

Gotta ask my mother, who was a elementary school teacher. I think for us it was “borrow one from the guy next to you or do without”. A learning experience.

Well, there’s a parent teacher conference next week, I’ll try to remember to ask our kid’s teacher.

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Though with boars a gross is 14 × 14.

My magpie child always accumulates pencils (and pens, and erasers, and a calculator…) at school, so this is not a problem I have experienced. I don’t think I’ve bought him pencils since maybe… kindergarten?

Presumably it is a problem caused by kids like mine :smiley: unless all those writing implements are escaping to wherever socks go…


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