Penguins chasing a butterfly



Best, most adorable twerkin’ evah.


Which one is Tux?

A bigger gang, chasing reflections here
This must be a popular thing to do at a zoo. I could spend an hour doing it, easy.

How global warming has destroyed the habitat of the noble Emperor Penguin. Not only are they being attacked by tropical insects, but their icy environment has changed into concrete.


I HAVE to do this… googling the nearest zoo with penguins right now

This is somehow the SECOND video of penguins chasing a butterfly I’ve seen this week.

Also, is anyone else saddened when they see insects not learning to stay away from something that is trying to kill them? I just find it somehow depressing to imagine what an insects mind must be like to not be able to learn some simple things or not be able to override an instinct that’s leading you to a swift death.

How do you know the penguins are intent on killing the butterfly? The video shows the butterfly successfully evading the penguins inferring that it has learned to do so.

But what it HASN’T learned is to leave the area! It just keeps fluttering around the same places over and over.

And don’t get me started on birds who fly down the sidewalk whenever you get close over and over! Fly sideways!

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