Zookeepers wear penguin disguises while caring for baby penguins (it's a sex thing)

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Good idea. I, for one, would not want an Emperor Penguin chasing me around thinking I was a potential sexual partner!
(Hmmm - is there a Batman plot in there somewhere?)


They imprint on head and hand only? Are we sure those penguins aren’t raised with a lab coat fetish? Antarctica was a place where a scientist didn’t need to worry about fauna. Now better hold on to that soap.

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Penguin suits have long been associated with discouraging any form of sexuality.


I am surprised this works. I mean, are penguins not that smart?

So, are these penguin head disguises for sale?

(Asking for a friend)


The vision of infant birds isn’t that good. A penguin-colored face and a penguin-colored glove and a labcoat looks to them like a face and a hand beak and backdrop of ice and snow.

Later on, the baby birds’ vision and eye-tracking gets better, but by then they’re big enough not to get inadvertently crushed by their parents, and can safely be released back into the flock.


What about smell? Maybe they just don’t know better because they are used to it from birth?

Hmm, I don’t know if penguins have a highly-developed sense of smell! I do know that odors don’t transmit as much information in sub-zero, low-humidity environments as they do in warm, humid ones.



Whatever weird kinks these zookeepers want to indulge at home is fine, but bringing their fetishwear to work seems a little much to me.

It’s been done before.

One of the better scenes in “Fierce Creaturesa” has the zookeepers dressed as the animals they take care of. So someone’s a porcupine another a sealion, a bee, and a penguin.

Someone put a lot of effort into those costumes.

But no animals got overly excited about the zookeepers.

That’s a work uniform I could totally go for, as well as these:


I must’ve been fed by a librarian.

Is there actual, scientific evidence to back this up?

(Those baby penguins are cute.)

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