Pennsylvania state lawmaker hints at running over protesters


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Republican State Rep Aaron Bernstine eager to drive through "thug" protestors with his car



I’m not going to link to them, but there are plenty of threads on the Trump supporter subreddit where they express their fantasies of running over protesters. The irony is that they express their outrage when Europe has a vehicle-related terrorist act every so often and they don’t think their vehicular murder fantasies make them anything like the terrorists they claim to oppose.


“If anyone EVER tries to stop my car on a highway with negative intentions… I will not stop under any conditions.”

Negative intentions. That’s the ‘stay out of jail card’, synonymous with cops’ use of “I felt my life was in danger”. That might work for a GOP rep in Pennsylvania. And Trump could always pardon him since it would involve running over somebody not likely to vote for Trump.


What if they had Positive Intentions? Like they wanted to give you a flower? or a Hug?
Run them over?


I don’t think the right and the left share all the same positives and negatives. And the GOP rep sounds like he’s completely empowered and protected these days, so…



Psssh. Dirty liberals only have negative intentions. They want to encourage you to feed the poor or support the spending of your taxes on brown people or building abortionplexes.


LisaforGOPchair has a consistent message:


He is of course, pro-life.


If the Pennsylvania State Police ever want to pull him over for a speeding ticket, they’d better put a tag in his file that he’s dangerous.


He does have a lot of time on his hands after running the National Center for Policy Analysis think tank into extinction since he took over in 2015.

Let’s see -“left” the service after
“West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

A one term congressmen who got booted after the voters saw who he really was.

Ran the only civilian org he was responsible for into extinction.

Only in wing nut welfare land would this guy be offered another job.


It may or may not get him out of a jail sentence, but when the plaintiff brings it up during a civil suit if he ever does hit someone it’s going to make it pretty difficult for his defense team.


Guess I’ll need to stop his car in a parking lot, then. Or maybe his driveway!


Maybe what this lawmaker is actually trying to convey is that he won’t stop for cops aka road pirates with badges…



Dude is not alone among state legislators:


Flowers are plants. Many plants have allergens. Some people die from allergies. Thus handing a flower can reasonably be understood as a life threatening attack.



Actually, his tweet makes perfect sense if you understand the mentality that can’t tell the difference between peaceful protestors and rioting thugs. Fox News has been telling people for years that “liberals are the real terrorists.”