Pentagon: "Darn it, we misplaced $45 billion. Give us more."





Arent shims generally made from semi rotten cardboard, drink coasters, or bits of grit you find next to wobbly chairs?


I think in this case, it has to be military-grade rotten cardboard.


so what’s your point?


“A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”


So that’s almost a thousand millions per state. And then when we consider that quite a few states don’t contribute but are generally “takers” then … oh Lordy!


No, no. That’s the stuff that is accounted for.


You know how it is. Just when you think it’s gone for good, you find it behind the sofa or under your socks.


Ad-hoc shims to level a wobbly table, yes, but shims used in engines and such may be made of carefully machined metal.


You may have discovered my thinly veiled, off the cuff and obviously flippant hyperbolic joke.

I’ve made thousands of precision shims. But the price mark up in this image is simply laugh worthy.

I assumed it would be funny (erroneously I guess) because soo many readers here are engineers and scientists. I figured we could share our past, strange experiences. And have a laugh.


A simple bbs worthy cheap joke.


This is the sort of anti-freedom, communist-loving, atheistic, pro-Taliban bullshit we here at Textron (owners of Bell Helicopter) have come to expect from Boing Boing. For a start, Bell Helicopter CEO John L. Garrison, Jr. is a graduate of West Point (Class of 1982), serving in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Ranger qualified artilleryman commanding an 8 inch Artillery Battery in the Republic of Korea; all whilst completing an MBA at Harvard. He joined Textron in February 2002, after a stint as a Principal of Enron Development Corp. from July 1992 to July 1995. He’s served up more freedom than most of you happy mutants have served up fries at McDonald’s.

Moreover, how in hell do you business and finance illiterates suppose we compensate our Textron CEO Scott C Donnelly to the tune of $11.31 million? Sell bevel gears at the market rate?

We are at the forefront of turning a belief in American exceptionalism into reality.

I suppose the next thing we’ll be hearing is whining about American heroes like Dick Cheney.

You make us sick.

The Management Team


Hi. I read the article you link to and, while it is clear that the specific uses of the $45 billion were not detailed, i.e. “accounted for”, it does not follow that the money was lost as in stolen or “misplaced”. I’m not a fan of the war or the Pentagon, but the article’s headline is misleading. Something more like “Pentagon refuses to explain what $45 billion was spent on” might be closer.


Where has all the money gone? I’m hoping the answer is “a SHIELD Helicarrier”.


May be. Have you met my car?


A recent film suggests that might be a bad idea… :wink:


But it’s probably bribes to warlords, etc.


bribes to warlords, etc

How dare you call our elected politicians “warlords”!


Not just Winter Soldier. SHIELD loses more helicarriers than Star Fleet loses Enterprises :smiley: