The US gave its client states hundreds of millions for anti-terrorism, then crooked UK military contractors ripped it all off


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This looks to me like a system working as intended.


We should really increase the military budget to make up for this loss. Aren’t there some social services and safety net programs we can cut? /s


Given the billions lost to fraud and corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m pleasantly surprised they’re looking at this. I thought the US had written it all off as a loss, not to be mentioned again.


“something something Military Industrial Complex”

-Guy that Built Highways


NCC says it did nothing wrong.

See? It’s all good.


“Also, I was not involved at all in the decision to buy a fleet of Bentleys, Porsches and Aston Martins. I left all the decisions about redecoration of the motor pool to Candy Carson.”

Seriously, how is Grunberg not part of the Trump administration. Seems like he’d fit right in.


I never thought this would happen.


I’m not thinking right now!


You’re doing Sunday right!


I wouldn’t necessarily describe a company registered in the tax haven of Guernsey as a “UK” company. The owners and directors could perfectly well be American.


The cynical part of me wonders if the only reason they are looking into it is because it distracts from whatever Trump is doing right now, and they can blame Obama and Britain for it.

As for Britain’s part in it, I only wish that the Mark Thomas Product was still on television. I can recommend his book As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela on the subject.


These guys are getting thrown under the bus so that the rest won’t have to be. Trump is here today, gone tomorrow. Pentagon graft is forever.

Did you know the Department of Defense has never been audited? That’s an organization with a $700 billion budget, and no oversight.


One of my old college profs (a Spanish count who lived in India for 20 years - not welcome under Franco) told us how the US used to ship crates of foreign aid & material- leave the crates on the dock.

And the Soviets would restencil them as from the USSR.


Don’t worry, a few donations and superpacs here and there will make all this go away.


Top level corruption knows no bounds or nationality.


But it’s happening right now!

But it IS happening right now!

But it’s happening RIGHT NOW!


I thought the “Ex Presidents” was the bank robbers in Point Break; turns out they’re the Carlyle Group…



Big words. Don’t let us get all warmed up for nothing. And keep the audits coming. Make ‘em all run scared and think twice.


And here I was wondering why we can’t have nice things anymore!