AP: Trump aware of Russian price on U.S. troops' heads since 2019

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/06/30/ap-trump-aware-of-russian-pri.html


Has Bolton come up with an actually plausible explanation for why he declined to give evidence during the impeachment hearings?

I’d be curious to see if there is one that doesn’t expose his obvious venality?


He’s not going to upset his handler. It’s not like he has the liquidity to pay back his “Cypriot” creditors.

It’ll be interesting to see how Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney will respond to Il Douche enabling the murder-for-pay of the troops they claim to love (kidding: Huckleberry and Reek and the rest of the GOP will once again roll over for Biff like the cowards and opportunists they are).

Nope. It’s just boiled down to “look over there” finger-pointing at the Dems. He doesn’t even have the honesty to say “hey, even if I testified in the House the GOP-dominated Senate would have made it a waste of time”.


Did they break Trump’s briefing down to 5 to 8 flash cards with no more than five bullet-points per card?

Well then: “Bored now.”


I don’t think this guy cares much about service members at all. I think of how they hid the USS John McCain at the Yokosuka Naval base to not embarrass him when he visited. I still feel bad for those West Point cadets who had to quarantine for two weeks just so they could sit there and listen to him deliver a word salad commencement speech which served no purpose except to buttress his image. Not caring about the Russian bounties seems to be par with the course regarding Trump.


Yes, it was in the written briefing. Which everyone knows is a waste of time because he doesn’t read it.

Besides, why should he pay attention to a bunch of Deep State swamp creatures when his buddy Vlad tells him all he needs to know?


I think he did use that line in a couple of the interviews. And, famously, he did say he would be willing to testify before the Senate because - as he also implied at the time - they wouldn’t vote to call him for the same reason that they wouldn’t find Trump guilty either.
He’s still in the top five “most objectionable Trump hires” list, mind. But he was honest enough to recognise that the broken system is actually broken, which is a novelty for a Republican.


“But, but, her emails… and Benghazi… and Dems don’t support our troops…”


45: 8 cards? Each with 5 bullet points. That’s like…well I don’t know how many but TOO much! Can’t we just have one card with 5 bullet points. 5 is enough. Oh, and make sure one of the bullet-points will help remind me when I can go golfing again. It’s been over a week!


This is the Nth example of this phenomenon, but holy shit if this had come out during Obama’s term, it would be an unimaginably huge scandal that would send Congress racing to convene hearings. Fox would be running pieces 24/7 with people who served in Afghanistan at the time & their families calling for the President’s resignation (at best) and something stronger behind closed doors. In 2020, this is a Tuesday.

It takes so much effort at this point to force yourself to recognize how well and truly fucked up this regime is compared to the baseline, I understand why fatigue sets in for a lot of folks.

Because Democrats. That’s the only reason he needs.

“Attack the NY Times and complain about biased journalism” has been taken off the board as the prohibitive favorite.


This could be the Dem’s chance to create that scenario for trump, but sadly they won’t.



Tar, feather and run out of town on a rail.

It’s traditional.



Remember the most important part - at least two of the bullet points have to include his name.

How in HELL can anyone rationalize working for an overgrown illiterate emotionally crippled child?


He’s a lifelong Republican. Nuff said. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


It is not murder if it is an enemy combatant.

That is basic US battlefield / GITMO jurisprudence.

Troops, US or otherwise, engaged in a foreign nation/state warfare are the definition of enemy combatant.


They shoot horses, don’t they?

Seriously, put the bastard out of our misery already.


No, no, those were illegal combatants. <sigh>

To this day I can’t believe “I’m not the puppet, YOU’RE the puppet!” was all Trump voters needed to hear to set their minds at ease regarding Trump’s supplication toward Putin.


If this astonishing revelation doesn’t give all the Republicans who worship ‘the troops’ above all else some kind of pause, then really nothing will.