The Republican Jury Room: 53 Angry Men

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Impeachment Trial’s Republican Jury Room explodes with 53 Angry Men


Depressingly accurate.




Sometimes, strong drink just isn’t strong enough to deaden the senses, Charlie Brown.


There is the theory that Bolton is willing to testify against Trump to get Pence as president and then his beloved war with Iran. Be careful what you wish for. In this case Trump may be the lesser, or at least less competent, evil.


I think these folks are seriously underestimating the electorate. But time will tell on that one.


Yeah, that’s what I said when the GOP nominated Trumpy. Still waiting for the electorate to do the right thing.


Can’t I enjoy a little false hope for just a single day before you ruin it with reality?


Paging Mr. Mencken. Mr. Mencken.


Best bit is best.


I wish at least one Repub senator would have the guts to vote for having witnesses (in what is, after all, a fucking trial), and then say afterward, “Well, I hope someone gets a good photo tomorrow of my head on a spike.”


I’ve learned that the Democrats are largely not capable of capitalizing on Republican screw ups, no matter how large. That’s what they’re counting on. It’s probably a good bet too, unfortunately.


The Democrats are great at pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. Somehow they manage to ensure that they score lots of goals… own goals. It is depressing how bad they are at this.

It’s like the Republicans are willing to do anything and say anything to get their elections sorted; they will lie, cheat, and steal. And they admit to lying, cheating, and stealing, then openly flout the law some more. The Democrats won’t even think about even following the letter instead of the absolute spirit of the law.

This is not a time for “We are loosing but we are playing a fair game.” This is time for win at any cost.

Why did Trump win? Because when he went low, Hillary went high. And then got clobbered.


During the last Canadian election I saw someone point out that “you have to vote for the guy who wore blackface or you’ll get the guy who is even more racist” is the language of abuse.

That’s kind of how I feel about this too. It’s time to stop playing thing strategically to minimize immediate harm and time to start doing what’s right knowing it might hurt. The absolute best thing America can do to minimize the harm to the country is to show that it is possible for the president to suffer consequences, that the words “no one is above the law” actually mean just that. If Trump is removed, arrested, convicted and incarcerated then at least future presidents will know that there is some low to which they can’t sink (even if it’s really, really low).


Trump won because he’s a Russian agent. He got the KGB to hack the election for him and now he’s executing Putin’s orders to do everything he can to divide and weaken this nation. Trump may not quite meet the legal definition of a traitor, but if he doesn’t he’s just barely one step away from it.

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Trump won because of everything. When you win the game by one with a buzzer beater it’s tempting to say that last shot won you the game, but you needed every shot you made, not just that one. The list of necessary conditions for Trump to win certainly include Russian interference and Democratic electoral strategy (as well as misogyny against Clinton, effective media bias for Trump, James Comey, and the weather in Michigan on election day).


Pence has been directly implicated by Parnas and others.

Beyond that the idea that a lame duck Pence presidency would have the pull to accomplish anything after a Trump removal is some magical thinking. As things are pacing out currently dude wouldn’t even have time to set up a campaign to get his own term.

Iowa is in a week.

Bolton is a nut and an asshole, but he isn’t stupid. What he is above all else is spiteful. I think that’s about all the motivation he needs.


The Republicans keep fumbling and recovering the fumble, but in their confusion and ineptitude, they start running for their own goal line. The Democrats counter by tackling the runner.


What makes you say that? Have you worked with him? Is he a relative of yours?

Ha, that’s perfect.

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Impeaching Trump is hard, getting rid of both him and Pence at the same time is essentially impossible. No matter what incriminating evidence shows up, can you really imagine any republican senator making Pelosi acting President?

Pence may be a lame duck in Congress, but he is still commander-in-chief, and provoking a hot war with Iran isn’t that difficult. Just accuse Iran for one of the missiles that hits US forces in Iraq or Afghanistan now and then and start bombing. Trump was close to do it, but is at heart a coward who prefer bullying to war.

You are right that spite certainly had a lot to do with Bolton’s decision, just as a chance to get extra publicity for his book, but people often have many reasons for their actions.

I think this is the trend line we’re seeing.

From the outside, it’s painfully clear that Trump is entirely transactional. What can you do for him right now. The past doesn’t matter at all, and the future only marginally. Even if someone supported him for years, if throwing them under the today is better for right now, that’s what he’ll do.

In Bolton and Lev, it feels like they’re pissed off about this.

The exact nuances around each reaction are probably different. The real surprise is that more people haven’t had the same reaction.