Colbert interviews Bolton

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So Bolton wants Trump to lose and explicitly states he’s a danger to the country, but he’s unwilling to vote for Biden. What a man of principle: consistently relying on Democrats to do the work that he knows must be done, but is unwilling to do himself.

What a fucking turd.


Wow, logic really does work differently on Planet GO₽.


The Republican Party has no problem with anything Trump’s done or not done, they have just determined that he no longer commands a winning plurality of the electorate, so they’re making him the scapegoat and hope to be able to return to business as usual. Bolton is just the most recent and most venal example. Figures such as Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin decided early to get off the train so they could get in on the ground floor of the rebranded Never-Trump GOP, but they’ll still oppose any meaningful change once Trump is gone.


Good for Colbert, he held that evil Walrus’s flippers to the fire, at least.


He really is Republican to the bone.


It’s amusing watching the rats flee the SS Drumpf. However, it’s more concerning how well folks at the Lincoln Project etc. are positioning themselves as the heroes in all of this. For all of his stupidity and bluster Trump is really only incrementally worse than the cruel, racist GOP that came before him. He’s merely a beneficiary of the groundwork they laid.


Calling Bolton a turd is giving a bad name to fertilizers, which are actually useful.


Meh, a vote not for Trump is a vote not for Trump. Let he write in Reagan’s ghost or stay home. People staying home is what decides elections most of the time anyway. If enough Republicans at least refuse to vote for him, then he will lose.


What a disingenuous, self-serving prick. A good reminder that not everyone who opposes the regime (especially those who once served it) is on the right side of history.


Yep, I’ve been trying to remind people of that. Lincoln Project is still run by people who, five years ago, would have been happy to target those ads at Democrats. They support corporations and the rich, believe trickle down is the only right economic policy, think gerrymandering and policing policies are the best way to keep minority voters from having any say in government, are happy to destroy environmental laws and safety regulations to increase dividend payments by a penny, and would probably own fucking slaves if they could (and some probably do in the form of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican “nannies” who are never allowed out of the house and never get paid). They are only allied with us now because Trump is a danger to ALL Americans, including them. The authoritarian tactics turned on peaceful protestors and lack of concern about mounting death tolls due to a pandemic have driven their own party right into the shitter. Once he’s gone… they’ll go right back to doing the same shit they did before.


Thank you for posting this!
So desperately rare are intelligent interviews allowed by hard-right politicians - this one counts for a lot. Not exactly a Rachel Maddow interviewing of oh-say… Devin Nunes, but we’ll admire them when they manage to happen.

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I’ll believe it if I see it. I still expect tampering at an olympic level this November. When the dust has settled, they should have an awards show, with categories like, "Most Disenfranchised Black Voters" and “Largest Number of Polling Stations Menaced By Police”. They could have a red carpet of fascism and the media can discuss who’s wearing it best.


isn’t that trump’s autograph on that document hanging at upper left?


Looks like it.

Why this man would keep anything with that man’s signature on it posted on his office wall is beyond me.

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It’s that - or a copy of a supraventrical tachycardia EKG


As much as I despise this Bolton guy - he raises some interesting points about the nuances involved. Like - the concept that if the election was not so close, there would have been time for the Dems to organize a more solid and comprehensive impeachment. He obviously knows something of the inside machinery that most of us will never witness or understand.
Still - the guy is a muppet and should have testified.

Democrats running out of time to gather evidence against Trump wasn’t the problem. The problem was assholes like Bolton refusing to cooperate with the House investigation, and Republican assholes in the Senate who refused to even consider convicting Trump regardless of any evidence of wrongdoing.


I think the Colbert kind of missed the point Bolton was making about the impeachment – that it wasn’t about the evidence, it was that the Democrats weren’t doing the behind the scenes politicking needed to form a strong coalition of anti-Trump Republican senators.

I mean on the one hand I understand why he feels that could have been done better, but on the other, it just absolutely reeks to blame Democrats for that. If we’re going to talk principles, that they should care more about the impeachment than the primary, Republicans also need to have their own modicum of spine and care more about presidential criminality than playing to Trump’s base. And if we’re not talking principles, if we’re talking politics, it’s unfair to blame the Democrats for yielding to the political reality that they DID need to worry about dealing with their own primary and positioning a candidate well.

Can’t have it both ways.

In any event, it was clear Republicans were at the time doing a lot of behind the scenes politicking to shore up support for Trump. Bolton is really stretching things to act like all the Democrats had to do was put in a little effort – you think Pelosi didn’t consider that? The political reality is that lots of Republicans see themselves voted out of office if Trump goes down, and it’s easy to get Republican senators on-side when both their personal interests and party loyalty are in the mix. Democrat victory in that uphill battle is not assured by more time. I think Bolton is being disingenuous, and more than a little naive.

That unity is fractured now only because of external crises which nobody even imagined a year ago.


Seriously. “Why didn’t you try harder to stop us??” is a downright infuriating thing to hear from one of the Republicans who stonewalled the House impeachment inquiry.