New Bolton book bombshell: Earlier allegation of Trump in Ukraine pressure campaign

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Why are you linking to his book on Amazon? You do know who he is right?

Save your money kids, the book will be on the interwebs for free soon enough.


This time we’ve got him.


@Akimbo_NOT Save your money kids, the book will be on the interwebs for free soon enough.

Or holding up the end of your favorite sofa at any coffee house…



It won’t matter.

Gotta keep the veneer of plausible deniability intact, after all.


Right. As Dershowitz said in what is now Republican-Gospel Speak, “Even if he did what he’s being impeached for, it’s not an impeachable offense.”

He found for his client and his client’s groveling minions a way to save face.

I do think, though (or at least hope!), that this twisted logic will not ultimately prove as face-saving as they seem to think.


Quoth the GOP

  1. The crime thing didn’t happen
  2. Okay, it happened, but he didn’t do it
  3. Okay, he did it, but it was perfectly okay, not a crime thing
  4. Okay, it was a crime thing, but not a bad crime thing
  5. Okay, it was a bad crime thing, but not impeachable
  6. Okay, it was impeachable, but mitigating facts will come out in the trial in the Senate
  7. Okay, the defense will stipulate to all the facts uncovered by impeachment and instead argue that the impeachable crime is okay because ⊥rump did it “in the best interests of the nation.”
  8. Okay, ⊥rump did it purely for personal gain and… you know what…

Fuck the American people, bow down before your white, male, Xtianist rulers.


let’s be clear…it doesn’t fucking matter.

Bolton (or anyone else) could come out and show video and photos of Trump fucking chickens, tearing babies limb from limb with his bare hands, punching puppies and kittens, DOING WHATEVER HEINOUS ACT YOU CAN IMAGINE…the GOP will still acquit him. Evangelical and republican voters will still vote for him in November 2020. IT WILL CHANGE NOTHING.

The only thing that will change this dumpster fire is for the rest of us normal human beings with brains inside our skulls will have to get out and vote him (and all of the GOP twats) out in November 2020.


i figure the timing of these revelations is designed so that bolton can sell his book and do trump the least damage.

there was never a chance that trump was going to be impeached. so, better to get this out during the trial and let there be a fully focused defense team to mitigate the damage. it will always be “old news” now, and the fact that it’s part of the impeachment record will mean it can’t be used in the courts to force open new evidentiary doors.

similar, there’s a reason the cipollone revelation came on the last day. not the first


I imagine Trump and Bolton will have a jolly, boisterous dinner together tonight. Rare steak with copious glasses of Diet Coke on the side, tastes like victory!

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you should see the size of the check bolton got for not including the really damaging stuff.


Exactly. Between corporate- and foundation-financed politicians, and the see-no-evil Evangelical voting bloc, it doesn’t fucking matter what Trump does.

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Trump likes his well done, with ketchup. Truly that man has no taste.


If only the Republicans hadn’t kept moving the goalposts, this might mean something. They kept asking for high burdens of proof as to Trump’s guilt - which he would then provide, rinse and repeat - but now they’ve decided that yep, he’s totally guilty but it’s not impeachable after all.


Not so - it will shake loose a few votes, he’ll turn off a few waverers. Its worth it - expose every bit of wrong doing we can, so we at least can point at it and throw shame their way. Do it.


Now that’s what I call a chicken hawk.

Even if we can’t change their votes we can and should make them choke on their shame and cowardice.

Shine that light. Expose them for what they are. And remind the public of that from now until the end of time.


Hard to believe that people still haven’t grokked this, but so long as Turmp is guaranteed to be acquitted, each additional bit of evidence against him works in his favor. As Vox pointed out earlier, his defence is performatively shameless. It’s not about proving his innocence, because he’s not innocent, nor does he face any consequences for being guilty. It’s about proving – to the people who don’t already despise him – how unaccountable he is.

So, Bolton (a piece of shit in his own right, let’s not forget) is not “turning” on Turmp, and wouldn’t be even if he testified. He’s adding to the carnival of impunity, and adding to the ritual humiliation of Republicans who in the past almost came close to flirting with the idea of acting decently. Why settle for Susan Collins’s mere obedience, when you can make her abase herself like a grovelling worm in the spotlight?

I’ve been saying on this very forum for several years now that if the GOP won’t stand up to Turmp, impeaching him will make things radically worse. Even if he loses in November, it’s now established that nothing – nothing is against the rules for America’s Fascist Half.



Oh, it’s so good that nothing matters anymore.

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